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Can liquor be the end of love? Borkwecs declared a really harsh cause Gneave with Knechtova –


Petr Borkevac (19) and Katrina Cachatoova (37) are undergoing an emergency. Their relationship is not stable. Last time, social networks were experiencing true and true love. But now, according to Peter's words, they should be overcome again. The big problem is the age difference, and also the fact that the stomach likes to go to the bru and it wants to give a little sticks. And that's exactly what Katine says.

26. 11. 2018 21.17
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Peter Borckwalk and
Katrina Kanchatova
Definitely not sunny. From the beginning of the confession of the relationship, it is with this
Two differences and their love is like a swing. By a fan
Social networks show how much they love together and do together

Peter talks for the second time because of emergency and breakdown in relation to
Each of their lives has different ideas about life. And that's the other side
There is nothing to be surprised at. Katrina is nineteen years older than the former
A superstar participant, so it is clear that he is a little different in his age
Think of life

That's it
But we can not even blame Peter
. She is now nineteen
And they enjoy music and school. However, according to
Peter's good friend, Katrina is not working well.

"Katrina does not like the fact that Petr sits and has a lot of taste
Drinks, "they say about their current problems. Peter himself has defeated and
Do not know what to do more. It is obvious that it is to see
Qataris still care for them and prefer them.

"Maybe I have serious alcohol problems," said Brookeck
Redakci But we all know well how we set our age and
It is also possible that Katrina expected it to be a bit more maturing
Now he does not know how to get it. Anyway, they are both friendly to each other, but so far
It seems that difference difference on their love difference wins.

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