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Caravaning is the luxury carvas and new technologies


Update: 10.11.2018 17:02

Bruno – every evening in the bikes mobile phones represent Bravo's carnavas on Sunday. This year's tents at the Bruno Exhibition Center.

There are hall-premium premium brands, P Pavilion has other brands, accessories, camping equipments and a caravan consultant. While traveling to their own wheels, the determination of nomination means that cars are displayed in Pavilion fosses.

There are precious reasons for the 500,000 Euros found on Caraving Brono Caravan and Caravan Bruno on November 10, 2018. On November 11th at noon. "One of the most expensive motor homes in the BlueRental Booth market is about one million euros (nearly 13 million euros), which includes a garage in a small car," said Trade Fair Manager Mechal Svoboda. The six meters long lodging facility on this luxurious 12-meter road has six rooms.

J. M. The novelty of the market in the market is similar to Lee Voicesur's signature. This is the only car without external mirrors. "You have double effects from the viewpoints located on cameras – you're not just like the covers of the body, they're removing consumption, especially the sound," Janmill said.

Caravans Bruno, Caravans, was launched on November 10, 2018. The car is the biggest luxury car of € 500,000. Safety is better than driving and parking. "The camera works without cars or any rain, you can easily ride in the eyes with pin eyes, the cameras make your computer even better, so the light will not let you down, but you will also see the design of the car behind you," added Miles.

On each side there are two cameras, another dead body, another camera showing the events behind the car. It can also be used when parking and staying in a car. "If someone walks in your car, you can check it with the camera, because you can see the entire part of the car," Maysley said.

In addition to understanding luxury carpenters and creepers, people in the open can check the driving features of some models or check caravan bazaars.



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