Wednesday , August 4 2021

Children are sitting, they do not walk and they are fat. Therefore, ministries will join forces

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The movement in DTSTV can block nearby health and health problems. Just get it. In recent years, all the markers have become more intense, such as diabetes, other types, cardiovascular disease and obesity and gives. It's about a dysfunctional and uncomfortable lifestyle.

It may be that the Health Ministry has written about whatever is going on in the backyard.

About one hour movement

The recent outcome of the latest generation of lifestyle in the younger generation (HBSC) is that the number of childhood obesity or obesity has increased from 1 in 1998, in which weight and obesity have doubled Pablin. Negative trends in the dissemination of obesity and obesity in the DT do not stop at the level of Europe's fall.

Graf S.

Children are preventive and predecessor of the secret group. You make habit of habit and adulthood, but then bring the whole life. Such high percentage of DT leads to problems in the future, due to the lack of activity, they are often involved, for example, with excessive side effects, health minister Adam Vozech says.

Ministry of Children's Rights on Tlcviku is divided into two groups. The big group is in the hockey club, so go to the afternoon club. However, according to Minister Robert Plag, the group needs climbing. It is equipped with modern technology and is not a sponsor or mandatory throughout the round.

Children need to change their mind, so change them

Thirty years ago today's lesson was less, when I started making a junction. Today is a quest to offer them, separate them, and teach them in modern sermons on today's date. It is usually also about the quality of education. It's not just for Tolovic, Minister Robert Plaga.

Program MJ Clubs

This year, the Ministry of Culture has supported more than one million DATs in thousands of thousands of crowns.

  • I enjoy the program My club Growing. In 2019, 712 Tisque was registered at DT and MD's club. Minister Plot Robert Plaga said that in the coming year the city ministry is ready to divide 1.4 billion crowns.

Extra speed time A program is given that runs in round and wheel types.

  • In the fall of this year, the program was excited after two years and was scared for 300 rounds. However, for 2019, there are 900 whistle-boers, and 50 TISK DATs have been added, the sports ministry spokesman Mr. Karel Cove, said the head of the sports ministry for the game and the Zen section of Fungus.

There is a group of people who can get out of the bench on the floor and break their legs. However, there is also a growing number of people excited about Bron, the diseases are balm and the movement is simply dim. The first is in this group

Need to change.

The movement is influenced by the changes in family life and lifestyle, which elme in recent years. One of the ways we want to go is to encourage sports, not in compulsory hours, but in the field of wheat drum There we are looking for a motivator and when it is done we will be very happy, the minister is finished.

It is not lost, the Kaj Ijc legend

Dump Error Impulse, Hard Bull Figure Skater Tom Werner According to his words, he has lost forever and without being able to live.

That's not the truth. When they come out from the bottom they wear sportswear and do not want to talk. Then we behaved the way we did 20 years ago. You just need to provide guidance so that the game attracts Tom Vernier and needs to build a relationship with the game. T-class hours have not acted according to the NAV as they should be properly made BT.

The activities of the ministry of health and welfare are appreciated by the athlete of Cuparkov, who have tried to promote sports with Tom Werner.

The youth have obesity, the boys become vulnerable

I am afraid that there is a clear idea in the game of joy on the helm and the ministers, the Olympic champion evaluates the status of Kaprokov. In the progress of the regular game DT perception, futuristic sketching in our potential future promotion, both potential future health and ISSA top sports, in both potential potential promotions. Tom Werner.

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