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Czech Head Award was taken by genetic dalasel. Thanks to its discovery, the quality of wheat will improve

Plant genetic Jaroslava Dolcez invested Zac National Prize at the ceremonial ceremony during Prague's award ceremony in Prague. Prices were also received by four others. A computer program has been successful in calculating the algorithm for computer letter recognition algorithms, the virus or building structures causing serious illness.

Dollex has worked at the Institute of Sciences of the Czech Academy of Experimental Boat and has spent his life by studying the formation and evolution of the plant gnome. In August, he announced that he had succeeded in understanding the entire hereditary code of wheat. An international team of Czech experts was involved.

The prize known as the Czech Nobel Prize was handed over to Dolzel by Prime Minister Ernest Babies (ANO). The Prime Minister described science and research as the priority of his current cabinet.

"We hope that the results of our work will contribute to rapid enrichment of new species according to the changing climate, better yield, disease resistance, less flooding and the preservation of environment and the saturation of humanity," Dollex, who contributed to the decline of barley gnome.

According to him, he should not be left to do research on banana gnome, which plays an important role in nurturing the developing world suffering from food shortages.

Two prizes were given in the technical and natural science categories for PhD students. The first mention was made by the Faculty of Lukas Neumann of Elect Technique University of Electotechnics, who first developed a combination of machine learning and new algorithmic methods to find letters, regardless of their target or size.

Ivan Magrro was rewarded by Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, an organization of the Czech Republic's Academy of Sciences. It examines the enzymes that produce refrigeration of various RNA viruses, encephalitis, myocarditis, or hepatitis.

After this prize, the zita was taken by Palich Fuscovoo. The second faculty of Medicine and Motol University Hospital and the Institute of Research in Immunology at Soto Biotechnology Company have shown that the presence of protein calareticulin affects anti-tumor activation of immune response significantly and improves diagnosis of lung cancer and patients with acute myoid leukemia. Results can improve antipomore therapy.

The award also won by Lubomir Sabatka and its company IDEA StatiCa, which creates software to help designers create safe buildings. Software projects in more than 2000 companies in more than 60 countries, for example, when creating a Future Museum in Dubai or creating a new Velodrome in Jakarta. Shabatka has won the Industry Award of Industry and Trade Ministry.

Czech headlines have been awarded this year for eleven years, the winners have received approximately 1.5 million crowns. Nominated from the dozens selected by the jury made by leading Czech scientists.

In the evening of today's evening held in the University of Economics in Prague, some ministers, deputies, senators, researchers, scientists and others are included in addition to Babi. The moderator was Daniel Stew.

Video: Scientists have understood the wheat genetic code. It will accelerate the breeding of its species and improve its properties.

Scientists have understood the genetic symbol of wheat It will accelerate the breeding of its species and improve its properties

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Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
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