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Dukla was caught. It seemed to us, apparently apologized

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"It's not an ideal game from us, but these three issues are important to us now. After the poor performance of the cup, we needed some encouragement, and it would help us," Jacob Poudani said.

From last Saturday you have jumped from last Saturday, is it exciting for you?
For us, the main point is to collect points. When we were zero, after seven rounds, it was great for us to be able to reach the tail. We are not great at the bottom, but the position in the table during the seasons is not so important.

The second half was fantastic, how did you see it?
We had a dizziness. Maybe we were in the situation. The last match was not good. A week ago we did not have a fight in the cup. While we did not play well, we should have added the target of playing power play, but unfortunately we did not do much earlier. There were some opportunities, but we should make more.

What was the difference compared to the match a week ago?
We played differently. It's an exclamation point for us, so the players kept it. We also had the opportunity to fix the goal and get self-respect, but unfortunately we did not.

What did you care about the result? The end of the tragedy was unhealthy …
Yes, that was it. Goalkeeper was Cuba Divis. From these standards, virtually nothing can happen, the ball bounces, somehow moving forward. We should be in a more comfortable situation than we all saw. It can be 3: 0. But I believe that it will help us to get more peace. I see in practice that we can solve such situations. We know how to do it. Stress has come, which we can avoid at the next time.

A few years ago, in India, you celebrated titles, now fighting for the defenses, and the cold. What is it for you?
Come here since the beginning of the year, I got a club in this situation. We are responsible for all this. But many bikes are still waiting for us and I feel that in the last few weeks we do not have to play a descendant.

Did you kick the most direct kick, Uroz Djgenvich asked you to give it to him?
I want to build it, but it's not perfect for me, though Jacob Hora was just standing on the edge of the wall, which I could crack or overpower. But Uros believed, so I sent two boys in the shield so that the goalkeeper did not look much. I dig about everything I did. Uri's short start, so she went there and it was clear that Davies responded a few times later. It worked great.

Do you have enough changes in the report, how did you like it?
The same opponent stood in front of us, he did not work, so we had to change something. Because we won, the changes were beneficial. Of course, this development helped. Coach makes us win and succeed

After you went to the wings in the red wing, does it make you feel more comfortable?
I have more opportunities there. Last time there was a single shot that I could hit well, it was in the middle.

Do you fear your face, are you a great warlike fighter?
I am but at home My daughter played a tiger and I blew it up. Fortunately, it is not true today.

And that finger stopped, daughter?
This is unfortunately broken, I took him from Malda Boleslav's match.

Under Tulsi's Tumas Wundrasek (left) Ducal da David Barryka's pressure.

Under Tulsi's Tumas Wundrasek (left) Ducal da David Barryka's pressure.

With the new format, the lead has gone up until mid-December?
Sometimes it is cool even in late November, I probably will not see the problem. Peach is good and important for watching. So far, I think it's cool everywhere.

The stadium was more than seven hundred people, is not it a step against them?
Was less than usual. On the other hand, we were on television, thousands of our fans watched us on TV screens.

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