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Essa Ottawy laughed in the coach. The video escaped from the taxi, the epic hated


This organization, the capital of Canada, is getting worried. Octo Cohorts Mike Hofmann and Eric Klossone were just a few months away. But today's situation.

Ottawa Citizen Video Server released Monday. They do not know what to record seven senators. The "truth" will be held on Phoenix on the outskirts of the West Conference, on the 29th of October, at the Arizona Conference (1: 5).

Mat Duken, Chris Wimmanan, Thomas Chabot, Chris Ternie, Alex Fortenson, Colin White and Delan De Melo. Likewise, most of all professional hockey players took the camera near the rearview mirror tax.

"Marty Raymond is the first coach to be one of the worst in season and the badest season in season." Deccan scored 51-year-old Martin Raymond the third goal.

Senators in NHL (70%) have the 28th position. Sixth place (27.1%).

The New York Islanders' Ice Hockey Contest (Dusheen a minute and 59 seconds cab and cabs to the cab) was a stroke of a star-striker before the Colorado Games. "I noticed Raymond when he told me that he did not say anything, and when I saw him I would teach you what I was doing," said 28-year-old American defensive, who played 171 matches in the NHL.

"The second thing is, we will never change, why do not we hold meetings in the last three weeks?" The Dutch arrogant and their services will spend six million dollars a year.

Video: See Uber Record

It is good that the criminals promised

This statement came out after Odisha's video was released. He wondered if the video came to the public but it was unnecessary.

"We can not give more importance at the time of our team, our players, coaches and urappuvaruttunnatinekkal Rebuilding our opinions, our fully responsible for the organization and values ​​of our game. We have full confidence in the training of Marty reymantinre, the players we are involved in a Samapanam received, the media does not provide more feedback, "commented co-Gay, head of the celebrated baccarute to prevail.

"We want our coach Martha Raymond to apologize to our words and we have told Phoenix on October 29. Our private entrance recorded without consensus and consent." We are very grateful to club management, our precious experience, we're fine! "

General Manager Uberu Rob Khasam admitted on Twitter that it was a serious wrong step. "Shooters are totally unacceptable without their permission, it's ridiculous, we investigate the domestic subject and work with the police."

Ryan Whitney, the former referee, is the fifth draft of 2002, ending on Twitter. "Every NHL club has a player who has a cauldron in a coach or general manager who crawls out and I think this video is offensive."

Video: Beat Ottavayam from New Jersey

New Jersey won seven goals in Ottawa.

New Jersey won seven goals in Ottawa.

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