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Every tenth of patients with Dietary Intake Disorder will die

Every tenth of patients with Dietary Intake Disorder will die. Most of the patients are young women, the proportion of youngest patients between the ages of 10 and 14 is rising. Experts are working to stop the children from primary schools. Press release was informed by Charles University's first faculty in Prague, in which the discussion of the meeting was held at the meeting of the Méliegoszów.

Last year, more than 450 people admitted to the hospital for this disorder, patients were treated with 3700. "Patients die for an average of 25 years. Mentality is twice as much than other psychiatric diagnosis and ten times higher than normal population. The head of the first Faculty of the University of Charles University and Hannah Pepezova of General University Hospital's mental clinic in Prague explained that the risk of suicide is 200 times higher.

The average duration of the illness is six years, one third has a chronic course of thirty years of premature death. In the early days only there is untidy care of continuous treatment of patients and rejecting food. The legal limit is still waiting for the patients to seek voluntary treatment at risk of life.

In hospitals, less than one quarter of patients for treatment of food addiction were between 10 to 14 years of age. Another 39% were between 15 and 19 years. According to experts, young patients can also bring the highest damage. "The changes that may affect the development of a child's body at the onset of adolescence may be unreliable. In the adolescence, the internal female organs are developing, they are not developing in the development of adulthood. Therefore, timely treatment needs to be started," said Palkei University Faculty of Medicine and Olomouck University Hospital Starkova said in Lybus of psychiatry clinic.

"Dieting disorders have a number of different causes and manifestations, but in the Prague, Anthology ambulance psychologist Jan Kuhnnek explains, but there is general dissatisfaction with others about our opinion and some attempts to succeed."

Prevention specialists are targeting children in primary schools. Many school children do not know what their best weight is, and especially girls are struggling to increase weight in relation to height and age. In old age, kids are considered to be self-conscious and do not know the proper eating habits, often helping in vomiting or smoking.

Food intake disorders include diet or mental ailments, diarrhea, boulimia and other disorders. Psychological anorexia occurs in approximately 1.5% of all the girls and young women, which is more common in middle and upper social classes. Bullimia is more common with approximately four to 15 percent of girls in high school and college students.

Every tenth of patients with Dietary Intake Disorder will die

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