Saturday , July 2 2022

Football on-line: Fight for quarter-finals. Liber and Olomouc are the leaders


DaleBro Glug, CTK

Five days later, Liverpace rebelled against Slovakia. In the league 1: 0 won. At this time, Slow played for Slovene, he lost in the last seven games, and Slavia was playing at 0-1 at home.

The coach will be led by Coach Martin Sweedick, a coach of the second league tournament. A good thing to see in front of the League is that I do not want to try something there, but I want to play with the players how they behave.

Olomuk was put home at slim by the end of October, the power supply on the 1: 1 draw ended. "We believe the best performance of the team is their manifestation of performance, and we believe that our game will be better than the match and we can beat our rivals in a game," said Hank Coach Waklav Jalik. We have made a clear goal to advance to the spring and cups, "the Olomouc coach added.

Karolina, Ostrava and the Bolivianes have moved to quarterfinals. The eighth phase of the Moolo Cup will be hosted by Opava Prakat Sparta on November 28.

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