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Hamilton lost his first line For the delay in it was fined


In the first qualifying session, Louis Hamilton will go to standstill at Kimi Riccone's position at the beginning of the Austrian Grand Prix. It will start the race from fifth position. Mercedes Rider got a penalty point.

Hamilton was warned by his engineer that Ricconne was coming. In his words, Romeo did not want to meet Alpha in the curve, so he crossed the track to enter the escape zone. However, the fees were surprising. In 2007, the angry world champion showed Hamilton the middle finger.

Rickon told Sky, "I do not know why he did not slow down and allowed me to catch up." "He slowed down and then got faster and ran towards the racing line."

It was asked whether Hamilton should be fined or not, though, Rickconn finally proceeded in two parts, he replied: "If you block anyone in Qualifying, you should always be penalized. It's not difficult, but I do not know what will happen You see. "

Sentenced by Russell

George Russell, who had to avoid the Daniel Kowzatt in the last corner, also went to Stewards. It was not only a delay but there was also a risky situation. Russell received a penalty of 3 seats and one penalty point.

Getty Images / Photo by Brian Lennon

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