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Images of the London Gallery Tate Lusaka were exhibited


The UK will display a three-wheeler London check gallery of Czech photographer Marc Laskakova.

Seventy-year-old Markus Laske displayed the Financial Times for the classics of reactacation photography such as Henry Cartier-Brasson and Walker Evans.

The gallery, which was one of the principal documentary photographs of the 1970s and 1980s, was a Czech writer, a Czech writer. Some of her works from the lines of the Financial Times reviewers can be compared to artificial insertions from artists' paintings of Art Center's Peter Brujell.

The London Tate UK is equipped with three-dimensional units in Lusaka. Images, including the first flushy wheel, were displayed in the picture.

She was shooting in Laskakachao films when she studied in Sociology of Social Sciences and Journalism at Charles University. "My interest in society started with Sociology," the first camera was obtained by translating the passing through the post office.

"I spent twelve hours an hour midnight," said Joseph Kadal, reminiscent of Lucacao, who was technically instructed by the first camera's operation. The old two-dimensional model has been photographed for decades. They visited Joseph Studd's studio several times.

The Lutz's diploma thesis theme was a religious pilgrimage in eastern Slovakia. The first of the pilgrims captured their pictures.

From 1964 to 1970, he studied in the photography studio created the first cycle pilgrims from 1964 to 1970. At the end of the 1960s she appeared in the Slavac village of Slimak. These photos are part of the present day British Show.

"In the summer of 1963, I went to Slovakia and saw a group carrying a cross between Poprad and Priscov that was the complete revelation, especially from Prague," said Laskakacha for the Salon Salutes last year.

"This procedure went to Levoča, the first year I was not afraid to go down the road, they went into the woods in the forests in the past years, and they were crucified from the two branches, and they went and sang, and the cross was finally rushed to the ground and the pilgrims decided to take the pilgrims The car broke down in the vehicle, but suddenly there was a quick look I returned, I decided to grab. Tirthatakareateappam spent three days there, pilgrims uvacc levyeakkayilekk. It is important to do a report about them, "remember how laskakk tirthatakareat writing.

For example, in 1971, she portrayed herself at Prague Theater behind Goa. After that, when they went abroad Joseph photographed them.

The last of the three-dimensional wheels available in Britain is the British connection. Street musicians from London from 1975 to 1990, Spitfels, Portobell Flo Market, Beachfront Traveler Northeast England.

In the first years of his arrival in London, Laskakho helped her get a scholarship from the British Art Council. "My first London theme markets and musicians were two years after I opened my open conference in London, when I filmed the street musicians," she remembered the Sloon Rights Laskachua for the first time in London.

The Photo Gallery opened at the time was Victoria and Albert Museum. Curator Mark Howarth-Boat directed the presentation of Lusaka images.

Market Luskačova, Libis Jarcovjáková, this year the Czech Republic Professional Photographers Association has received the recognition of the award for photography award for 2017. The Laskachiv images are now represented in the London National Portraiture Gallery or the Museum of Modern Art.

After the velvet revolutions in 1990, the Gallaryo or Prega House of Photography at the Capital City in Lascaak photographic cycles Prague was published in 2001 in Monastery in the Photostar Edition.

Before 4, there was a previous exhibition at the leak gallery at the Austro Prague. Remind me & # 39; s remembered last year The book was released. London Street Musicy 1975-1990, which was presented at the Prague Art Gallery.

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