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Importance of ISO 41000 for Faculty Management


Since 2007 European standard CNN EN 15221 has been applied, with its first two segments growing to 7 parts. In the spring of this year the ISO 41001 "Facility Management" is officially released. This ended in the first phase of the completion of the global standards of the ISO.



Since 2007 European standard CSN EN 15221 comes into force in the European Union, and the first two parts gradually grow to the current 7 parts. In the practical use of this standard, the Slovak and Czech Republic are at the forefront. ISO 41011 – "Facility Management – Glossary", ISO 41012 – "Facility Management – Strategic Agreements and Covenants for Guidelines", completed in the spring of this year, with the completion of completion of 41,000 international standards. These three parts will replace the first two sections of CSN EN 15221. It is not quite a similar substitute, but individual differences can be considered a "cosmetic" revision as a European Union criterion.

1. Introduction

The ISO 9000 "Quality Management System" has been in existence for a long time. Many companies have recognized these criteria as a "whip" for their documentation, management and approval. However, these criteria have been confirmed as PRO QUECITY PRODUCT / SERVICE. According to this standard, the companies certify their main product management system, ie, these companies take steps to produce the quality product they produce as their collective value. Product to client in the production company is more productive than the company's product. In this case, the ISO 9000 is already fighting some inconsistencies.

The current standard of product quality according to ISO 9000

ISO 9000 Company's certifications have always indicated problems or improvements with the support of the main productive process, but these support processes have often been suppressed in the background because either the time or the certified body directly affects the main process To (product / service). Facilities managers or property managers were often in secondary college. Therefore, the conclusions of the certification are considered to be "a bad thing" in the areas that require more support in major operations and major financial flows (purchasing / warehouse / production / income). The recommendation is often "the reduction of overheads", but no one knows how to achieve it. In order to understand how you work, the management of organizations ordered to reduce the cost of a good manager (asset management) after that.

3. The new ISO 41000 for the standards of support services management

But now the new ISO 41000 "Facility Management" comes in. Many have the impression that these ISAF service providers are intended. This is a big mistake. The providers of FM services are their basic industry, so the FM providers must attest to ISO 9000. Their "product" product is the customer service, so they must be certified by ISO 9000. At the same time, their new internal management support applies to the new ISO 41000 as in all other organizations. 41000 is a "partner" of ISO 9000, both of which should form the future spine of the management of an organization.

As well as the ISO 9000, the ISO 41000 asks for support for the main process, to determine the market demand of the product and to clarify the quality of the product (if not, no additions to the end of tea). This support is made largely through small or small services, but should be based on the reality of the main function. If this fact does not accurately clarify, the support services are not only affecting production / production, but also the productivity of the work.

Referring to such ads as tabloids for commercial media is not normal. I do not recall the latest series of reality television show TV show Nova. In this program, their employees are not familiar with the directors of the selected companies, because in this job they mainly "must ask" in some places of work. This program (of course, some shortcomings will affect the performance of the company's employees), based on the discovery of the mistakes they made as part of the management of the company and the fact that their position begins. However, if you think of the products of this program, the shortcomings will not be less from the production standard, the shortage of "small services" for workers, the worst remedial action of workers, and the loss of job. Finally, the "insinuation" of the manager happens to be relevant correction. However, this show shows how professional gaps show support for all companies, labor and work environment.

Of course, the world's ISO can not solve "reputation" in the organization. Combining ISO 9000 and ISO 41000 certificates can redeem the processes in the company. These two norms are governed by the management of different support services, ISO 9000, according to ISO 9000. In the future, the certification of these two ISOs will also be in the future to cancel the ISO 9000 certification. Main activities of the company) ISO Attesting united support based on 41,000 (improvement of employment opportunities, workers and organizational background of the company).

4. Newly upgraded quality certification for support services

The ISO 41000 certification standard is still designed. 41000 pieces of ISO are now neither Slovak nor Czech. However, by completing these, many organizations will begin to break the combination of these two certifications. The question is how many companies can get ISO 41000 certificate. As a small test, try to find out whether your individual support services are handled simultaneously, such as:

  • Are there support services under one director?
  • Are they vested in the same contracts (the Framework for FM Connection and SLAs for Individual Services)?
  • Is the quality of the same quality quality (KPI / CPI) checking their quality?
  • Are all the facilities and premises registered in the related SW system (CFMM)?
  • Will a request for employees be issued on the demand system, can it be monitored?
  • Is it the time for the management of the company to examine the quality of work environment and the satisfaction of the employee (this does not mean the efficiency and productivity of the trade unions, not the perspective of the trade unions)?

5. Conclusion

Some of the Czech Republic's companies have their FM. The process (Siemens, Innocy, Philip Morris, most banks and telecom companies) has coordinated. These companies have ISO 41,000 certification will be eligible. They may not be in a position to complete the details of the actual demands. Few companies. Instead, ISO 41000 urgently requires companies to copy previous assignments instead of checking their immediate and future needs. For companies that do not neglect their service sector for support (she works, running), they have ISO 41000 certification will require a deep reflection and substantial change. These companies look like directors in the Nova reality show.

Reviewer comment
Doc There Allana Tisha, PhD, Technical University, Civil Engineering Faculty

This article discusses the current issues relating to the topic of the new international standards for the creation of facility. ISO 9000 for Quality Control of Products This indicates the relationship between ISO 41000 standards and services to regulate the performance of promoting product and service quality. The article is contradictory with diagrams diagrams, in which the author expresses his view of the relationship between the two norms. The significance of the author is above all in the collection. The translation to Czech or Slovak has not yet been completed, and it looks at the new international standards. This is one of the first articles by the company to incorporate ISM's more efficient estimates.

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Importance of ISO 41000 for Faculty Management

Since 2007 the European Standard SNN EN 15221 has been requested. The first two parts grows to 7 parts. In the spring of this year the ISO 41001 "Facility Management" was officially issued and ended in the first phase of the ISO's global standardization.

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