Tuesday , August 3 2021

In Prague, more than 6,000 apartments have been rented by Airbenb. This year the number of offers decreased

The price of flats in Prague (and not just) has been steadily increasing in recent months. Recently, the average value of 100,000 Crown shining Square meters has been broken, so it constantly discusses what factors it can do. Mostly, politicians and other officials are referring to the global Airben service, through which you can rent a free room, but also in the entire apartment. Often, there is a lack of facts and figures about how important Airben is in this debate.

There are many levels of debate about Airbenb in Prague. Firstly, how many people hire their business instead of hiring their fellow citizens, and for Prague City Hall, it is important that they do not get enough money from this business. In recent months, we have heard, for example, the statement from the middle of Prague to the fifth part of the apartments is used for rent by Airbenb. It should have more than 20,000 apartments in the entire metropolis.

According to Latest analysis, Which was operated by Operator ICT through its Golemio data platform, with the help of Blobobiety, shows that the activity of Airbnab's homeowners is far away from being so high. Currently, currently 6,000 apartments offer Airbenb in Prague, which is about 1% of all private apartments in the capital. Most airbuns offer, of course, come from the city center.

Data provided for analysis Blahobyty.cz, Which is just about to rent apartments by airbanks or bookings, and owners do not have to face anything. Currently there are only 128 apartments in Prague, while Airben's offer has long been inspected, and data collected from last year (November 1, 2017 to 30 October 2018) has served Goghemio Data Platform for processing and visualization in Prague.

Analysts show that the number of more than 20,000 who are often associated with Airben's lease is the sum of all the Prague offers published on the famous travel portal since 2013. Exactly 25,668 Last year Airbenb appeared in the search from the data research director Anita Roth since June confirming that in Prague 12,674 offers in the search for flats. However, only half (6,322) of them were active, which means that the total number of leased days is more than 60. For half a day, half of the owners use Airbenb for maximum weeks only, every week.

At approximately 49 million Crowns fees

It is also possible to read from Blahobi's data that while the apartment is rented in Prague by Airbenb, in more than 77% of cases, it is a complete apartment supply, not just a personal room, which was originally the original idea with which Airbnb started. Interestingly, and for a full discussion about the use of airbanks in Prague, however, statistics are more important on the number of new offers. It is revealed that more Prague apartments in Airbnab disappeared than they were added in 2018. Supply in Prague over the years has increased, this is not the case anymore. The new flats were added in 2 468, but a total of 3,044 went missing.

Causes can be many, but many owners can calculate that Airbnab does not pay their lease. In addition, there is growing negotiation about the high regulation of the entire business, because Prague or State does not like to spend money on the same rent. Holiday fees have already increased, which are currently at the 15th Crown. Homeowners are like homeowners themselves, but they do not always do this. It can also change in the future and Airbnab can lead it to the city.

According to an analysis of the ICT operator, in the year 2017 Airbnab had about 49 million crowns for the likelihood of a holiday expenditure for people. This is a small figure in the recent months, as mentioned. Prague claimed that due to the payment, there are about 100 million Crowns in a year, but according to the latest information, it will never be able to choose. However, if the entertainment fees are really high, the city can get more money than the flat rent.

From the point of view of travel users in Prague, they spend an average of 597 Crown average in average capital by Airbenb. According to Prague 1, the most popular destination, where there were about 2 thousand active offers last year, and the average CZK at 2,04 a night. In August, Airbnab users spent more than 460 million crowns for housing in Prague

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