Tuesday , February 7 2023

In Thailand, a check which was hiding – Novinky.cz


David Sikora, 38, was arrested on Monday. According to the Thai Immigration Police, a man stole 3790 Crowns in a sweater shop and 34 months in jail for theft.

The second arrest was the 35-year-old Finney Petrie Johannes, who was working as a personal trainer and was accused by the Finnish court for accusations and the sale of banned hormones and muscle development promoters. Johannes was sentenced to 24 months, but he went to Thailand. On Wednesday, the police kept him there.

The third arrest was the 32-year-old Zhang I-fee, which was detained on June 11 by the Thai police. Zhang was part of the 18-member gambling group, and he was the only person who went to Thailand for the authorities.

According to the Bangkok Post, Thai police emphasized the need for modernization of biometric screening, as the existing technical in Thailand is unable to link new arrivals data to the covert crime databases on passport controls.

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