Sunday , August 7 2022

In the early years of Chex, two goalkeepers are fighting against it. After the Çechín age, it is a habit, says vaclík


Vlastimil Vacek, Okay

"At the beginning of the eligibility, there will be a lot of club matches," says Valick, "if I decide to compete against Slovakia, it's difficult to tell him, but I think he's totally blame him, but the paws have taken a great deal of Poland and how to play Slovax now.

In all ranks, the best quality and quality of the checks. Vacilka and Pavlenka is a member of the Tomas Cuback Party who works in the reins of France. There was an unusual situation when the national team became clear.

"The habit is a habit since the age of the century, and we have three goals at a similar level, but it's good for the team, when one happens, two boys will have to depend on the two, but if coach selects one of us, he will not be there," he said. The first goalkeeper after a summer transfer to Sevia.

His main rival, Pavelenga, has a strong presence in the Bundesliga Bremen. Last Sunday he confirmed the qualities of Gdansk's group, and even last night Burj Robert Lavandowski even received hard missiles.

"Who's at the start of the street yard?" I will not solve this problem, it's a long way to go and I will try to make maximum performance when I get into that. "If I did not do that, it would make boys," says Pavlanka.

The arrival of Coach Jaroslav Silva is Wedlik and Pavelenka. Because he missed his first position in the race, he went back. "We have a good relationship with Tomas, if you do not catch the club, it's not good, I'm happy to come back," says Weld, saying midway goal goalkeeper Milan Milan has to decide between the matches.

During our two months training we have seen us in many training. On the same number they will see us in the matches. The team has the influence, but it is not in the manger. I mean communicating. There are many perspectives, "Vaklik adds.

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