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Infections of adult influenza vaccine reduces the risk of death. Nevertheless, only 20% of them are protected


The Czech Republic has a population of over 65 people living in the Czech Republic.1 Everyone is entitled to each flu vaccine. Adults are a dangerous group of people because of serious illness and other complications.2 The risk of death over 60 is estimated to be 60 times higher.3a Immunodeficiency can be protected only by antibodies, protecting the patient's cells and preventing serious consequences. Still, only 20% of those in the Czech Republic are 65 years old.4 a

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The death of the pig over the age of 60 will occur.3b, 5a"The cause of death is not just the disease but the other health problems
The complications affect the swine flu
Physical changes – without metabolism, muscle mass or activity
Tissue morphology changes the immune system and helps to gradually reduce it
Diseases including Flu,
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Antepetemic Hygiene Station in Prague Capital City.

The disease is dangerous
Influenza is growing in kidneys affecting kidney disease
Older people often find themselves. One or more of the same diseases experts at the same time
More than 90% of people over the age of 70 suffer. Statistics shows up to 3/4
Heart and bowl in the age group of 65 years of age is infected
Blood pressure, 37% Ishbymic heart disease.6 Another break
Diabetes is diabetic, which affects about 20% of the seniors. She is
The danger that has occurred in the old years is that it can reveal itself
Symptoms of diarrhea and negligence.7 Age is a dangerous factor
Pneumonia (pneumonia) affects its presence
Immunodeficiency decreases even 65 years later.5 b

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Diseases increase the risk of influenza, and influenza can be very helpful
The current health condition is worse. However, it is considered too short
In the Czech Republic,
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5-6%3 c20% for adults4 b.
World Health Organization and European Institutes are advised to vaccinate
75% for senior citizens.3d The seniors are in check
The Republic has a free flu vaccine as a risk group. Completely
This year's vaccine tetra includes four valorine vaccines
Checked in last season. Compared with the previous three-width
Vaccines work against four airflow influenza trenches (two pressures A
Two stresses B provides more protection.

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Many scientific studies have shown the benefits of immunization. There is also a secondary role in the prevention of vaccination complications, hospitals, and deaths, without direct evidence. In the case of adults, patients with pneumonia and influenza suffer a 30-70% decrease. For adults who live in care facilities, vaccine is 50-60% obstructed in hospital or 80% of effectiveness in preventing pneumonia.8 Practically this indicates that the elderly person is ill, but the disease is delicate and irrelevant, and the life affected is very low.

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