Saturday , September 24 2022

It may fall! Ikea is pulling out dangerous furniture


Hazardous goods have been reported by the company. Supporting board guides on the GLIVARP folding table can be separated from the rail and may fall down. That's why Ikea decided to withdraw the goods from the sale.

Cindy Andersen, sales and catering manager of Sweden's IKEA says, "There is a risk that the additional board will be released from the guide rail, which can lead to the collapse of the board." "Consumer security is a priority for IKEA, so we have decided to take the product out of sale," she added.

Customers are encouraged to bring a dining table back to any store. They will be paid full, or they can instead choose a similar product. If you do not have a receipt, do not worry. You can return the table without it.

GLIVARP folding dining table

For more information, customers can contact Exchange and Return departments or IKEA Contact Center on 234 567 890.

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