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It never revealed! Czech Miss Lee will unveil the world championship in Šteflíčková world competition


18 November 2018 18:28

Sam Lee did not have such a bold example. "You can not see it, it's a bit more clear, but it can be great in the Miss Universe," Lee told us about a dress code. Nicole Švantner (25) is designing itself.

"I wondered when I saw him, I was surprised, it was not my dress, it's the same thing," Lee smiled, two main evening dresses designed by Sandra Mark.

Skin, hair, picking up clothes before flying. He does more exercise, but he does not meet food. "I am going to train, but I want it, not even the food for me, I'm sorry for the peace I have, I'm happy," she smiles.

No sculptures and sculptures were planned. "I do not have any artificial hair, I have long hair, I do not have breasts, no botts, I have no right to change anything, when I'm old and young, I will go.

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