Friday , January 27 2023

Jacob Prope himself himself in Carlovy: He said how he is with Aga!


Devil knows how James and Agatha preach about themselves. Talent actors and Jurier Carlovy Vary went on to the ongoing Film Festival. But his relationship with his wife did not escape. What did he declare?

This week, shocking information about the wedding of James and Agata Prachar Although the daughter of actress Veronica Žilková was asking for divorce, she and Jacob were caught on scooters for dinner a few days ago. But Karlovy Vary is the only one in the film festival.

Karlovy Vary came to Jakub Spa Town to announce his plan. "I'll watch movies, I look forward to here. I've already finished this year, so I just enjoy it and it's all," said the boy.

In the summer, much less about its plans are divided. The journalist asked, "I will not do anything, nothing at all," he was repeating the same answer, when he asked reporters what he was planning for the rest of the year.

The question about whether Agta's wife came in with Karlovy Vary did not like the question. "Do you feel that way?" He requested the journalist, then said that Agatha was in a cottage with her children and this year she did not come to a feast where she shook her a decent shame.

In addition to his words, Agate has been confirmed by the Instagram profile, on which a new photograph has appeared today. "Kurt's Summer … I like it," wrote in the past, apparently not worried about the absence of Karlovy Vary.

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