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Kanchi has been shooting for five minutes


Chess Badjozovis – Chez motor hockey players chose their favorite, and won the first Chance of League lead in the lead in the lead in the lead in the round of Cadan 5: 0. Already familiar with the middle geozoses Kladno (18).

Milan Dančišin ahead of Dominik Pavlát goalkeeper.Photo: Photo: Denik / Jan Screen

Shake the coach processor set and allow expert attacks from Herman and Kamakak. Captain Kutlak and the Canadian Forward Bradley returned after the injury. On the other hand, junior representatives of P Novak, Beranac and Hrub are not available. Thus the defender was attacked. The first time he was behind his career, Woolick's Prospa junior engine. Against Jersey, Stekker Šulek introduced himself to the Czech team's Czech team in Norway, Bolivia.

At the age of three, good hockey churches were not happy. She played a very favorite role on the homepage, created opportunities, and was targeted for the best Dancinin, Gilbert, and Dollesh, but they did not lead the goal. He did not bring three powerful games. Motors' game was more focused on the game, submission, and desire in the previous vast majority.

"This is a serious struggle and the goal of the opponent, our goal is to achieve three power plays, which is about changing opportunities," said an introductory striker Martin Hermann's introductory third time.

After 26 minutes, both sides moved in a goal. Finally, the score has changed. Through the Bakehandam, the censor came to the scene. The second goal was not long. Gilbert's captain Kutlak's exact pass used.

On the other hand there were minor opponents. After a quick break, Trendy Steel shooted Stemnnova Cause. He broke his goal in the power of Holi. But the music of Cheque Buetti was important. Introduction Prospal team is a long term issue.

"It's better than our second third, it's still a goal game, we need to create more opportunities, which is 5: 0, and the opponent has suffered two times, one second after it collapsed, it was always a stick and I believe I would be more goals in the third period. "Huntman said the second one Of a prophet.

It took some time, but his words finally ended. In the 51st minute, Smith scored a losing position to 3: 0. He scored the first goal of a junior woolikic goal and finished the knock at 5: 0.

Gaps and recordings: Gilbert, Endel, 29. Gilbert (Kutlak, M. Novok), 51. Smileik (Babur, Danschein), 56. Woolick (Pucha, Pawlin), 58. M. Look. Exclusion: 3: 5, no Use. Referee: Dollesel, jettek – votreub, sev. Viewers: 5519.
ČEZ Motor: Streman – Fillman, Kutlak, Pavlin, Picrix, Plasil, Vidarandry, V.Prasipal Milli. – Endel, Gilbert, M. Novak – Babka, Dancing, Smynek – CD Dolegejal, Bradley, ProRell – Vathulik, J. Doctor, Kachina. Coaches And then Toter.

Coach's Sound – Vaklav Prospall (engine): Before the start of the game we were able to dissuade our opponents, we had lots of shots, but we did not try to score a goal. Three points.

Miroslav Novak (KADAN): "The opponent was great, he made a big win and I'm praising our golem Dominica Palata, at which we have two at least two."

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