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Ladislava Špaček: Most people miss the selection of clothing

Interview / original professor, later TV editor, a spokeswoman for the first semi-president of the president, Wakawe Havel, and recently received recognition and often mentions an ethics and social label – expert on Lydislav Schwekk.

In addition to Prague, Velquem is more and more common in Karlovy, thanks to cooperating with Spa Hotel Lantern, where he organizes various events during that year. Especially with the label of the dining, its degradation evening has already become a tradition, as well as the fact that they are always sold.

"I'm very happy here, people are different from Prague – thankful, very helpful." In an interview, Laadislav Spapke said that in an interview held during the last visit in mid-November, he said that he is always amazed and satisfied for me, how many etiquettes and Participate in other events.

The label of eating and social behavior is still a very important issue. What is your current status from your current point of view?

I have to say that it has improved a lot. But people are still very busy, it's an area of ​​social clothing. They often give details to them and it is a pity. That's why, with my fellow Naha Lobonova, we are now preparing a new program dedicated to full social clothing. We will be presenting it for the first time on December 27 in Ontario. Those who are not sure about this area and want to change it, I like it very much.

Can you tell us a bit more about this novel?

The theme of social clothing is really a big chapter. They are interested in everyone, because every adult person sometimes goes to an event where he or she feels tie or not, how to properly choose or choose the length of the dress … in another style of clothing, a professional company, a garden party or Theater needs another visit. We have discussed this issue broadly, on various occasions to discuss various occasions and focus on the situation. Perhaps when men are allowed to remove their jacket in the company.

What do people think of today?

For example, men can just tie a knot, although the nodes are different because of the different caller types. They also do not follow the principle that shoes, tape, and cloth cover must match the same color. Women often make mistakes by choosing the length of their clothes, and cutting them from open shoulders. Such dresses are suitable for a social evening, but there is no atmosphere in the atmosphere.

In addition to the new clothing program, you're going to the luncheon with children's dining label on December evening. What is different from the usual "adult"?

People often ask me how to create the principles of social behavior among children. According to me, however, it is important for them to be sure of this field and to be a model for children. That's why the program "Set up and Queen" or Children's Meals was set up for children and their parents. It's a part of it, it's a lesson for parents, and a fairytale experience with a bad thing for kids who do every wrong, with a respectable queen and Master E, who show how funny and clearly it is. It's a really nice experience. In Velke Karlovic, we are planning on December 28.

When will you meet other guests in the next year at Valve Carlisle?

1st May and 14th December – We will go back to the two tasting evening with the dining label. And I want to invite you to our next traditional show – breakfast with Nada Laban and his guests. This time it will be held on May 1 and will be guest with actor Jan Čenský.

You have returned to Hotel Lantern often during the year for all these activities. Do you rest here too? Do you choose to go to nature, or do you choose well-known well-being?

I am a city element, I do not go to nature. I mainly use reading time to read, write, go to the pool … but it is necessary for Latter who has his gastronomy. I am interested in good wine and food, and this is the peak of lanterns and it fills my needs.

Thanks for the interview.

You can read more about upcoming events with Ladislava Spacak, which you can donate as a Christmas gift.

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