Wednesday , August 4 2021

"Makka" in Czech Republic: Will Danny Treasures Will New Action Blockbuster Shooting?

It's not a rival! American actor and producer Danny Traje (74), who became known for his role in the role of criminals and in the Czech Republic. On Sunday evening, she landed at Prague's Vacav Havel Airport, where she returned after ten years. Will it become a Metropolis or a Czech Meadow and make a scene of its new bizarre?

While visiting Karlovy Vary Film Festival in 2006, Danny Treas, known as MacTay (Machight, Spy Kids and other films), loved the Czech Republic. Two years later, he returned to Prague for work promises.

And while in Hollywood shooters, Danny Treasy plays a dancon that you do not want to meet It's a favorite audience and a very nice person.

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The luggage was taken by the airport and there was little problem, as the fans asked for a joint picture. They also found it in Prague. He paused positively and went to the car, which then took it to the hotel.

There is an example of taking a lot of checkers, whose glory ends at Rosevodov, even if they look like the Almighty and the king of the whole world.

Hopefully, the famous actor will not be in the Czech Capital, he will not run outside and beyond the airport. On the other hand, the action hero of its format, it can catch up on something.

Maybe we'll soon learn that he was in Prague for filming or due to his work with Macht he came to help Christmas tree dealers work faster than hands …

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