Monday , August 2 2021

Namek automakers give one billion kilo in two years for electromability

Nomac car makers want to invest $ 40 billion in electromobali for two years. The number of electrified electric vehicles is expected to increase from about 30% to 100. In a news conference in Berlin, Bernard Mattes of NDA car maker VDA said that car makers were trying to build yards and drinking it for the diesel scandal.

"Yes, of course, due to the management of the car, its luminosity in the car's software is lost, it is clear," Mats said in a description of the scandal taken on Volkswagen. He said, "these politicians will have to win with all the politicians, even with politicians."

According to Matthew, one of the ways, is that car manufacturers follow what they did, that is, to reduce the emissions of harmful nitrogen dioxide (NO2), update 5.3 million car software. One way to think of this is that the development of electromambility, which the manufacturers want to live nowadays.

According to Matz, millions of investments should be matched each year; In the 2030s, electric vehicles comprise about 30 percent of new cars in the German market, which is more than two percent. It's very rich hybrid models.

According to the VDA, it is necessary to make such development relevant to the infrastructure. Referring to Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Britain, Mates said, "Today, 76 percent of European countries have European stations." It must be changed. Even in the Republic of the Republic, his poem should be dramatic to make it possible to serve such cars with an electric drive.

If this car is run by electricity, the number of wind turbines in Germany will be required to reach up to 30 tisks to 84 tisks, or else the other source of energy will be sent. For the reliable operation of autonomous vehicles, car makers want to stay in the car, it is important to cover high-speed internet, as it is not available in Germany today.

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