Saturday , June 10 2023

New legal action is taken for corruption. Pelta had to be paid to the deputy apartment


The prosecution prohibited the Czech Republic's Football Association and former chairman Mistro Pavata on the subject of sports subsidies against corruption. The check television (CT) says.

Peltica said. Pelto and other people have been prosecuted for abuse of power so far that they may benefit from giving a public contract or violating the obligation to handle overseas assets in handling subsidies artificially.

"This criminal case is prosecuted against a natural criminal, criminal offender and a legal person," Chief Prosecutor CT said. Said Lenka Bradáčova. According to the Czech Republic, Pele's education deputy minister Simon Croatchowa, who had a flat in Prague, is alleged to have received money. Crotchiva will also handle the case. Pelta negotiated the distribution of subsidies.

"As I said at the outset, I still say I have done nothing illegal," told CTK. According to his lawyer Aldid and Chudoba, the allegations that only support previous suspects are being raised. "No doubt Mr Pelta will respond or subscribe to these subjects," he said.

In case of case television, the case is extended due to the charge. Detectives wanted to investigate it by the end of October and now they plan to listen to the new ones for a new charge. In the next year, the prosecutor will decide whether the case will be brought to court.

The case has been filed against the distribution of money to sports organization operations from the subsidy programs of the Ministry of Education. Besides the Football Association, the police also prosecutes former External Affairs Minister Sudan Bryce, Sport Chek Union, Miroslaw Janst, Union of Union and Union General Secretary Jan Boehasse, besides the Football Association, Petti and Crotchua.

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