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New York Derby struck a catch-out, catch and catch. Pittsburgh hat-trick in 91 seconds


Frank Franklin II, CTK / AP

The islanders and riders won the match with a 2-0 defeat in six minutes when Kreider and Claesson scored goal. However, the home team score score within 63 seconds. At 9:35, the bouleveller stayed in Nelson for a moment, three minutes later.

The evening captain, Anthony Beauvelier, was a 20-year-old striker. The second goal was added to Hayes in the third minute. Hayes scored in the 26th minute of the game. Comorov's home goal was two and a half.

Finish striker has already reached three points difference in 50 minutes. But thank you for the fight against crown from golf, Philip Chile. Chet Stewards, a 19-year-old, won the second game.

He did not even have the last power for the Knight Riders, but for 21 seconds he closed the shot at the clutterbuck goal.

Match Islanders Ended – Ranger

Pittsburgh crushed the Heathuk point

For a long time, Pittsburgh hockey players will remember Bryden Poyote. The Canadian striker beat the third and third straight strikers of Heathk in 91 seconds. 4: 3 Player of the Twenty-five year old to beat Tampa in Pittsburgh.

From the 1967/68 season, competition developed, but Hardy was the sixth, sixth in history.

Penguins are not two hornquista hits. This season's seventh defeat led Pittsburgh to the final of the East Conference.

Pittsburgh – Tampa

Voráček experienced an unexpected night

Fleischer hockey players have performed this performance. They beat Devils at home 0-3 at home. Jacob Vorac was in all philosophy's goals, not coming to the Rudo Gudas group. Guests in Jerseys were able to celebrate the victory of the patron sacha.

She won four-minute contest. The fans were waiting for the next goal till 54 minutes. Pamomiers won a majority.

The goal is to score goal goal as the home coman goal. Man-of-the-match Gay Keeper has been beaten by 29 missiles.

The big introduction in Florida is not enough

The best intro and the third third is the terrible third. Hockey players in Florida made such a match. Columbus's icebergs are 3: 7. First, Debakla did not recommend anything. Paes won the title in the first half after Baghdada and Ek Blada.

But home lightning with Atkinson, Babysinski and DUBUS GOLL on the third and third minutes. By the end of the second part he was in a balanced way. But the guests were all right.

Blue jackets crossed four goals in 50 minutes in 10 minutes. It was 7: 4. Honey Weinen, Dukler, Anderson, and Jenner Goal.

Columbus – Florida Header

Volunteer was dismissed by Minnesota

The best of the season in Missalan is not a coincidence this season, but it's a match with Vancouver. Cole and Kovim are third on the third and thirds respectively. In the 37th minute, Hova's guests were given hops. However, the rest of the two were Stella and Dumbo.

In the end, home scoring was seen. Sunnier 2: 6 finishing with a sixth goal.

Minnesota – Vancouver

The fire did not reach Montreal

Mathew Tackack's two goals did not make Calgary score points. In the eighth minute, Slowworth Striker Tatas lost the Montreal for two goals to American Striker in the second half.

In the 2: 2 draw, Drone scored Lakhonan 52:14 in the 49th minute. Though there is no room for equality, there is Flames Seven in the Western Conference Table. Canary's Eastern Conference Fourth Stage

Frk's help is not enough

Martin Frau has gained points for Detroit. But it was at 1: 2 with the red wings at the Ice Ottawa. The home goal scored in the third match and guests in the 24th minute were suspended by Rasmeman. But in the 27th minute Barthester could not achieve the goal.

Detroit is in the 13th place in the Eastern Conference list.

The Arizona leader was arrested

Astonya ice hockey players have won the Nashville 2: 1 by the West End team. Grower came up with his own weakness and got a lead in the eighth minute.

The bonaness of the bowl is the second division of the second round, which lasts 25 minutes. Only the magnificent Final 1: 2 was edited.

Tone Toronto is with San Jose

The Toronto Hockey team has confirmed their best forms. In their next match, Sun Jose 5: 3 defeated. Taveres Goalkeeper's third minute guest was guests. Labanco ships equally in three minutes after the game.

Wild boar Adivasi III, the kappan who returned from the back of the japan continued. This is the first time that we have achieved great success. Tolsnaia 3: 2 came from Pavelsky's goal.

But in the middle-order is a spectacular victory. The levio messed out at 32.6. Mariner added 54 more minutes to the finals. The Mamball Leafs are in the Eastern Conference of others, including one point loss in the Tampa, San Jose is the Western Conference Four.

NHL results for hockey:
Columbus – Florida 7: 3 (0: 2, 3: 1, 4: 0)
Golmons: 21. Atkinson, 24. Dubinski, 27. Dubies, 45. Hannichen, 49. Duckler, 53. Josh Anderson, 55. Gener – 2. Bizgstad, Eclabd, 34. Yandel. Shots in goal: 37:43. Viewers: 14.872. Match Stars: 1. Atkinson, 2. Duckley, 3. Corpisolo (Olympic).
New York Islands – NY Ranger 7: 5 (2: 2, 3: 1, 2: 2)
Golmance: 10., 23. 26. Boulevard, 11. B. Nelson, 35. Lie, 50. Komarov, 60. Claire Bay – 6., 54. Crunder, 6. Clausen, 24. K. Hayes, 58. Piece. Shots in goal: 24:41. Viewers: 13.472. Match stars: 1. Buuillier, 2. Philipula (two New York Islands), 3. Kierder (NY Rangers).
Philadelphia – New Jersey 0: 3 (0: 1, 0: 0, 0: 2)
Goals: Joey Anderson, 54. Palmiri, 57. Coleman. Shots in goal: 29:27. Viewers: 18.806. Match Stars: 1. Kingide (New Jersey), 2. Eliot (Philadelphia), 3. Joey Anderson (New Jersey).
Pittsburgh – Thampa Bay 3: 4 (2: 1, 1: 3, 0: 0)
Goals: 11, 25 Thomas Hornwest, 14 Kesel – 20, 21, 22. B Point, 28. Goud. Shots in goal: 31:26. Viewers: 18,422. Match Stars: 1. B Point, 2. Kuserov (Tampa Thaw), 3. Horkevist (Pittsburgh)
Ottawa – Detroit 2-1 (1: 0, 1: 1, 0: 0)
Goals: 20. Cc, 28. Bettenson – 24. Rasmusan. Shots in goal: 36:35. Viewers: 13.402. Match stars: 1. Bettenson, 2. Duchen, 3. C Anderson (all in a draw).
Minasota – Vancouver 6: 2 (2: 0, 3: 1, 1: 1)
Goals: 6. Coil, 8. Koiv, 22. Nedatorator, 28. Stall, 34. Domba, 46. Supercor – 27. Horvatt, 46. Marcus Granland. Shots in goal: 29:27. Viewers: 19.014. Match Stars: 1. Koiv, 2. Coil, 3. Suter (All Minneona).
Arizona – Nashville 2: 1 (1: 0, 1: 0, 0: 1)

Goals: 8. Grabrunner, 25. Demers – 53. Bonnino. Shots in goal: 23:46. Viewers: 13,315. Match Stars: 1. Kubmer, 2. Graffer, Demers (All Arizona).

Calgary – Montreal 2: 3 (0: 1, 2: 0, 0: 2)
Goalmans: 24, 36. Takachuk – 9. Thathar, 49. Droin, 53. Lakhonan. Shots in goal: 45:22. Viewers: 18,443. Match Reams: 1. Price (Montreal), 2.M. Tackach (Calgary), 3. Lechonen (Montreal).
San Jose – Toronto 3: 5 (3: 2, 0: 2, 0: 1)
Galliys: 6. Labbang, 13. Pavelsky, 19. Wallace – 12. 33. K. Caponson, 3. Towers, 23. Leova, 54. Manner. Shots in goal: 45:34. Viewers: 17.011. Match Stars: 1. K. Kaplan, 2. Marner, 3. Anderson (All Toronto).

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