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On-line: Dial turns out with Uncle Ken, to work in Zenak


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In Saturday's second match, Cinarao and Allison Raskett are facing each other. Ranked 22-year-old Chess team has the highest ranking and match in the rankings. They picked the American team twice, but last January they failed.

"I'm ready, I'm really excited and I'm going to concentrate on my work, and when I'm able to do my best, I will succeed," says Synakoma.

However, her opponent is confident. "I have a great training week and I'm under pressure," he thinks before the Risk, the single person in the foreign team who has the experience of FedEx.

My uncle led a great way

Strýcová vs. kenin

We have seen the game in detail

The last American actress, Barbro Strocakova, joined American singer Sophia Keninoova at the end of her career. Perhaps due to her fear, she still collaborated with the feelings of her flooding during Keats's ton.

Early submissions of checks had to deal with complexity. However, thanks to the specific service, the development has changed, and then the opponent was crushed. Kenin has been given a lot of risk and an attempt to break a wavelength developed by an improperly unkempt one.

Uncle Prussia will end in the final after the Fed Cup finals. The time has come, she said

Internal players returned the ball to court and waited for the defective's mistakes. They too were coming. At 3: 3 and 30:30, Yuva opened a US Open semi-final. At first Brejabole again raised the ball.

However, Unicon donated Kenya's final victory to the first set timbre. The Czech Republic was 2: 1. But the American responsibility for the attack was at risk of a risk of 7: 5.

The second act was more representative of the local representative. Two breakfasts faced three games, but the lead rose again to 4: 1. Strýcová looked forward 6: 1.

The little checker flew with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Uncle 5: 2 lead with strong gameplay, great motion, gorgeous ebb and three American bluffs.

Later, the Czech Republic quickly slowed down, scoring nine points out of eight exchanges, hitting the opponent 4: 5, but returning right on time. When Kainin did not come by a beheading, the drawing of the O2 Arnae burst into a happy flood.

"I'm still very sensitive, I'm still terrible and I wanted to finish it, luck was successful, and I stayed out of the first set and I wanted to make a change," he said in an interview with City Strike.

The world's number one singer is Pala, two year's double granddaughter winners Seanak and Barbora Grejikova, American Dennis Collins and Nicole Melichar.

In the tennis Cup final (Primitive) in Prague Finals:

Czech Republic – USA 1: 0

Strikeva – Ksenova 6: 7 (5: 7), 6: 1, 6: 4.

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