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Other term in sting nesting case The police will not stop until the end of the year


What is the Čepi Nest case, which deals with its Prime Minister Edenbard Babies (ANO), will not be clear until the end of the year The deadline to complete the inquiry has been fixed on December 31, but the lawyer's office now intends to extend it for a second time.

"It is possible to extend the time limit," said municipal public prosecutor's office spokesman Alesh Sikambla, said that it has decided by Jaroslav Sarak, the state prosecutor. One reason is that the police has not yet listened to younger brother Erden Babies. He lives in Switzerland and the police are not able to contact him.

Andy Babies' little police do not listen to the alleged introduction. At the end of last year, Baby Jr. was contacted via e-mail by the Chaco Criminal Institute and was kidnapped by Protopov, and against his wishes. In January 2018, the police detained the case and returned to her after the television news release list.

Regarding how much the investigation is going on, Simambala did not want to guess on Monday. Hate floor investigations have become a long time. Originally, it was about to end in September, but it was extended until December 31. The case is being dragged, said the head of the Prague State Prosecutor's Office, Lena Bradkawova, in a directive to the june last June. The management process had already slowed down "procedural reluctance" to cooperate with some private parties.

The City Prosecutor Office refers to extending the time limit for completing the investigation of the case of the Prime Minister of Criminal Procedure. "If all the actions are missing or waiting for some answers, then there should be an extension," said Alec Cibla. "At least one person has not been questioned, but it is not the only thing that is still going on. Kambal added that there was nothing to say near the missing step in the investigation.

The former prosecutor Jaroslava Besk, who oversees the case of Čapího nest, believed he was a part of the case. State consultant Sarooche, under the supervision of Irojlaz, said, "These are many things about how to proceed with investigation." Asked whether the lawyer's office is still considering it, a spokesman for Simbulla did not respond on Monday.

She is also waiting for the medical report of young brother Edson Babis. The police has not yet done the health check of Premiar's son, but the forensic expert was taken into the investigation team but he must have a conversation with Switzerland.

Baban Holding was in AgroFort, ZNN Agro Phelimimov, a chest nest farm in early 2007 and early 2008. In December 2007, the company collapsed into a stock company with a shareholder's share. In the summer of 2008, he received a $ 50 million European grant in the SME program. After many years of grant grant, the company returned to Agrofort Hatti's nest is now from Embo.

The European Anti-Freedom Office (OLAF) said that the farmer has received unjust subsidies from the EU fund. The $ 50 million subsidy, Embo, which now owns the farm, was returned at the end of June.

This year, the public prosecutor rejected the complaint against Babus' complaints, the procedures of Falteninka and three others, ZND Pellheimov and members of the Board of Directors of Čapí Nest Farm were canceled. The case includes Babys and his wife Monica, brother-in-law Martin Harrods and her two adult children, Adriana Bobcova and Erdun Babies, younger.

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