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Passenger carries Volkswagen quiz to build family cars

Update: 16.11.2018 22:25

Volkswagen has converted the production of Volkswagen Passat family cars to Quocini in the Czech car Auto Skoda Auto Factory. It will be made of Skoda Superb and Kodak models. Quazzoni, Skoda Corolla and Seat Atta are currently being manufactured. Their production will be shifted to a new Volkswagen plant. It must be established in Eastern Europe. His position has not yet been chosen. Changes are part of a new five year plan, mainly focused on the production of electric cars in German racing cars.

Skoda Auto set itself to satisfy the continuous production of the Czech Republic's superb models. The Superb's potential in Germany's VB manufacturing plant has been rumored for over a year. Yesterday, he decided to move the Volkswagen Passport cavalry to the Kavasini plant. Skoda Auto chairman Bernard Meer said that long-term competition for check factories will be ensured.

Next year, Quixini will begin production of the first Skoda brand, the plug-in hybrid drive superb. In 2020, Skoda, a Madras Billslaw, will produce clean electric vehicles. "Today's decisions will ensure the long-term future of the Czech factories," she said.

The decision to establish a new plant in Volkswagen's Eastern Europe provides an opportunity for the Skoda model to increase production capacity by Mayer. Maer does not comment to change the production of the garlic to the new factory.

Volkswagen plans to increase production in Eastern Europe from 2022. The location of a multi-brand factory has not yet been decided. It is speculated that the German media would be in Bulgaria or Turkey.

Automotive expert AE According to Pedra Knopp, the short-term change in the scope of the group strengthens the level of the group because the Quasnel plant has confirmed the presence of Super Class Carlyle like Passat. Skoda Crabs will help create a new talent in Eastern Europe, "he said.

Volkswagen has confirmed plans for construction of electric vehicles in Sivikov, Hannover and Emden in German factories. Now in the edition the pastors are now being constructed. The next year will start production of electric cars in the steam, and in 2022 it plans to start a company in Emden and Hanover.

"Because of the high productivity and eligibility of our workers, German factories are ideal for converting to electric car manufacturing plants," Oliver Bloom, managing director of the holding company, said. However, the change in production of electric cars increases concerns regarding job losses. This production is less productive than conventional cars.

It is one of the midi cars. Volkswagen, since 1973, now sells the eighth generation sedan and estate version. The family includes an artoon coupe. But the German media warns that sales are on the decline. Ten years ago, every fifth VW passet was sold.

Last year, Skoda had crossed 1.2 million cars worldwide. There are three manufacturing plants in the Czech Republic. It is manufactured in China, Russia, Slovakia, Algeria and India. This mainly involves group partnerships, and in collaboration with local partners in Kazakh and Kazakhstan. Over 35,000 people have been stripped and active in more than 100 markets.

The Czech Republic does not need much damage, it produces some cars in other factories. In 2014, Skoda built over a million cars and now has about 1.23 million cars. This number will grow continuously in the next few years.




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