Tuesday , October 26 2021

Peter Jane accepted his face. Experts say, "It's a restrictive case."


At the beginning of autumn, Peter Jane shocked his fans by changing their vision, which is probably a plastic surgeon's job. "I did not know it exactly, " He commented on a video in which Peter called the singer's fan to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the musician in Nymburk.

It was also speculated that changes in Petra's face might be sick. Jane himself denies that he really uses the aesthetic miracles and has a metatrol that encourages the creation of his own Collegen. At the same time, counterfeit muscles should not be removed from work, but the singer has not really done much, his face is very good without the rigid and expressive after the process.

"I have raised cheeks with subconscious threads and my forehead is waiting. And that's all, " Says Triple Slave for Flash. At the same time, Janas admits that photos and first singers who appeared in the autumn receive after obscuring the process.

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"Unfortunately, I was filmed in a bad moment with bad moments, gestures and all the rest, which was a wonderful experience for the experts. It is unfortunate that sometimes it happens that someone can easily become a pretty target and only me No, " They think about Jane's.

"I really like the man, though." She added.

Experts see him with a more serious eye. "Her face looks unnatural." Apparently the excessive application of stuffing material, excessive pain of the jaw, is the opposite of the lower face, the lower eyelid, the overall impression affects the same unexpectedly, " She was the head of plastic surgery posture clinic. Blanca Vapirova in Blasqua

Similarly, Robert Poulat, the manager of a luxury aesthetic clinic, sees this. "Petra Genouau is currently a restrictive case of plastic surgery! I see it as an apparent facial loss," He said.

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