Saturday , September 24 2022

Photography: Freddie Mercury and its Millennium Secret Photos!


Freddie Mercury was not shy about her sexual orientation. Her long-time partner, Mary Austin, is considered to be a bisexual. He did not know Jim Hutton, Iro, who was Freddie or Queen of the road.

"We met Freddie in the night club in 1983. At the time, I rejected it, but we saw each other again and slept together, I did not know who he was because he presented me under a fake name. He said what he really is and what he is doing, I am not an intelligent. "

"Freddie was sensational, shy, his mood was always changing, everything should be behind him. I'm calm and quiet … until someone finds me a beer."

"Freddy was humble and he was not involved with people who would look attractive to me, when he wanted to enjoy sex, he could not stop it. I was not far from giving him a fist, but we loved him. We just did not argue Then she refused to entertain me, she lasts for more than a week. "

"We had a terrible fight on the day before Valentine's Day – and I do not know why – and he stopped talking to me again. I bought it three dozen blue roses. I took him to bed where he picked up the tea and our cat Delilah Eat with donuts. He is just obsessed. "

Look at the personal photos of Freddie Mercury and her partner.

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