Sunday , June 20 2021

Pink legacy pink diamond was sold for $ 1.2 billion auction

Christie's Auction House sells a 18.96k rock pink diamond high quality store. This is from the famous family collection of the Oppenheimer family. The new owner auctioned 50.4 million Swiss francs, of which 1.2 billion won. A new record for a cake of pink diamond has been installed. Pink Legacy is one of the biggest and best pink diamonds in the fancy beauty category. Christie's auction is 252 years old.

Pink Legacy: Pink Diamond

Pink legacy is above average. This includes only 2% of the collections that contain nitrogen and boron. The fancy sponge color fades, with 100,000 diamonds showing an unusual color. In addition, only 10% pink gems are weighing more than 0.2 times the 18.96 kg stone. Fantastic glass of 10 carat pink gems is a world rarity. For the first time in 252 years, the auction has been given only four stones to Christmas auction.

Rare gems for safe investment

In the twentieth century, we purchased sweatshirts and scarves. The situation is different in 2018. Many auction partners want to secure their money safely. According to Reuters, the highest price for virgin pink diamond is 14 percent between 2005 and May 2017. Other pink diamonds are 13%. "Pink gems are a rare group of rare gems. In 10,000, only one diamond is colored. The pink color is extremely famine in their stunning color. In April 2017 Pink Ratnam Pink Star became the world's most expensive jewel. He gave 1,8 billion titles to the buyer,"Alo Rashawi, owner of ALO Diamonds, the biggest Czech jewelry company that deals with diamonds in world exchanges every 20 years, says the present demand:Investment jewelers in the Czech Republic enjoy unprecedented interest, especially because of the poor yield of traditional investment tools. We have jewelry with pink, blue, green and yellow natural diamonds because of high demand in our jewelry jewelry. To get these diamonds in the world markets, there is a need to move into fields for years and high quality relationships."

Arjigil mines closure: The world will lose 90% pink diamond

Rio Tinto has announced that the mines can be closed in Australian Argal by 2020. Because its profit decreases. Almost 90% of all the fingers of newly made pink gems are available. Closing it closely suggests that pink diamonds disappear from the world market in practice. Other smaller sites in Africa and Brazil only add up to a few pieces per year. One of the world-renowned sources of white gems, argige is less than world standard. Once this Australian mine is closed, the annual world diamond production will be 10% lower, and 95% of the diamond production alone will be lost to Australia.

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