Thursday , July 29 2021

Politicians are busy building a reactor: they support all reactors.

Almost two teethers offer loudest support as the best source of electrical energy. It was the result of the special Nova TV survey of Sanapan. According to the people, Dukovani and Temman's nuclear power plants are considered safe. Mali will say they grow up. On this day, there are energy and industry spikes in Tabsco.

Create new nuclear blocks, or extend the life of people stretching? The answer to this today was seen in Tabby's Premiere and Half-Ez EZ in Weblie.

Creating a new reactor is a priority. For this, according to the Senate Survey, 40% people And consent to the N. STT. Premier Andrey Babi (YS) says, "Valda EZ wants to build a new block in Dukovani, we are confident that the investment is effective." Nuclear energy supports two or three people.

Premier: We want to make a new nuclear power block in EZ Dukovani

Against the minority shareholder of the generation, who have done 30% of the procedures. According to the report, $ 200 billion E.D. It will be its state-sponsored subsidiary to build and build a new block. US is the basis for decision-making and probability study.

EZ CEO Daniel Baane said, "At the very least, we will take steps to allow the construction of the building." You will be guided by EZ which you need to plan to build. Otherwise, threatening threat to damage construction works.

Longer lifespan times are cheaper, but short-term variant. Industry and Trade Minister (ANO), Marta Novokov said that "Dukov's block for a long time is a type of option that you need to swallow."

It is not wrong to extend yen life. The formation of new blocks will only separate the pit. Extending the old block of Dukov Electric Power Plant for 30 years to 80 billion dollars.

At the end of the day, I decided to go through many troubles. In 2035, we all could have electricity shortages. It will be engraved and the molecular blocks will go to length.

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