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Review: Hearts against Russian Superman and his own monsters. Creed II is a boy (not just) for guys

Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), The legendary boxer Apollo Creed's illegitimate son, is experiencing the best days of his life. After surprising success with Ricky Conlan's "Hezonak" (he lost, but what he had shown), he made the way for the title of heavyweight champion's dream. Everything comes out of her personal life – not only with her partner, Bianca (Tessa Thompson) He is ready to start the family gradually, but from above, these young people, who have played significant part in the orphanage of their childhood, eventually get their own identity and compare to their father's reference. At least he thinks. On the other hand, on the other side of the Atlantic, a certain bitter Russian train his son for the sole purpose of retribution of the Rocky Bulbs. (Sylvester Stallone) For the defeat, which costs him everything. And because there is no other than the Dead Killer Apollo Credu Ivan Steno's Steroids (Dolph Londran), Many more wounds begin again in the blood.

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The theme of Shakespeare's revenge sons is a difficult issue for older characters and their parents. They are easily overcome in a cheaper endeavor to bring play at any cost and with minimal effort. We were more nervous than Imagine in Stallone's boxing alternative mini-reality (RCU, if you're a comic strip fan). Compel one of America's most enthusiastic and sexy game fairy tales with the brightest authentic authentic style of Russia with a brilliant Iron Russia Sect? These two are completely different aesthetics (I apologize to those who came here to review the movie, where two grown men leave the crowd and instead read about some aesthetics – but that should be the same) that one rib Fit like fist!

Here we have to appreciate screenwriters Stallone a Coker, Because the drawback of the drag was able to sew them without visible stitches. What is more, bitter, broken and all the desert Ivan drago and his son Victor (yes, Ivan is actually named as his son's winner) Floriana Munteanua, From which the father and father's squares make a steaming frosting scoop on two legs, they are on the other Cult Perhaps the most interesting. The realization, the spirit and the horizon of change that the two humble giants request them to learn as much as possible about their story.

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In exchange for tones and styles, it's worse. Already already Cult He tried to stand firmly on the ground with both legs and declared some dark corners of the human soul, but a new continuation continued. Just in the eighth part of the Rocky Stories, we really would see what it is when a boxer goes to the bottom.

… although not quite so. From both the screenplay and the director's mind, we want to go somewhere down the road to despair. Because if you let something like that go, you should not leave it half way. But that's right Clan II She does it. First, it outlines the inner and outer contradictions of both the main heroes (Adonis and Rocky), opposing the world and each other, which includes family thoughts and weight of the world. Then he puts a pair of legs and triggers some legs. But when the viewer feels the true essence of despair, the film is suddenly reflected on it and (perhaps fifty years old does not deny the strangulation of strangers that they just want to see how the two grown beings leave after the crowd) Half empty, but aesthetically interesting pictures, and two beautiful scenes of two, but lacking something completely in it.

And the film can be harder without any difficulty, and we also do not need to stay away from it Stallone Fairytale style Because, let's face it, all parts of this series are always a fairy tale. In this case, he just wants to be more motivated by Arbeen and fewer Germans.

It's easy for the director Steven Capelli Jr. Has the ability to rely on great actors. Stallone Just hit your head twice in the futuri and it's stopped again, Michael B. Jordan Today and one of the most talented and charisma actors Tessa Thompson, Just like you are, Bianca is not the main piano of the main hero. And that piece of ice Londoner, Who can use 40 words for the entire movie, never have grown more than ever! I repeat: Dolph Londran Really play! True, German mountain muscle Florian Muttenu It seems that they were excavating sales with European bad guys in the sale, in which Sly She is very fond of buying recently, but she is away from being the worst in her class Escape 2 Plan And their psychology of boring cartoons).

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As a result, here we have the first three greats, but it is not very bad, but it is not tactically connected by the spirit and the connotation of the conclusion that there is a slight kitschi environment for change, but the old good (but bad bad) Rocky All parts together have a compromise in the style of a smart heater – both are worn out and are unclosed, worn and unpacked, complementary and head-to-head.

Technically speaking, this is a very rigorous experience that can not come up with anything new and can often be cut off more often than it, but for the multitude of glowing arcades, gaudy gymnasiums, rich villas and yes, as well as those grown in growing . They are giving a cell, visiting cinema. In addition, it is a luxury soundtrack filled with soundtracks that will win in the United States only in the next few months.

Clan II So most of the time, it's shameful and uncertain. The best moments to change with the vague, brave attempts to break the box, interfere in naval references and gossip to the original inventors of references, and if they can understand the feelings and many hard-minded minds to make tears at the end of the genre, in many cases they only inherit the past Holds magnetic Michael B. Jordan, Who plays Adonis with the impression of a completely oily machine. Fully oily half-machine, which some women would appreciate more than they love their partners.

Overall rating: 65%

Clan II (2018)

They play: Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Dolph Londran, Florian Muttenau, Russell Hornsby, Wood Harris, Phylicia Rushd and others

Directed by: Steven Capelli Jr.

Script Sylvester Stallone, Cheo Hodhry Cocker

Camera: Kramer Morgantau

Music: Ludwig Gorensson

USA / 130 minutes / play, sports

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