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She has resigned as director of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Update: 15.11.2018 14:08

Prague – Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKME) resigned from the post of director of the Allus Hermann Prague Institute. He leaves the office seven years later later this year. He also accepted this offer from the private sector, ICK said in a press release. Health Minister Adam Waitek (ANO) resigned and will be listed next week, so the new director will begin at the start of 2019, the resort says.

IKEM is a leading health care system. The heart chain operates 1300 surgeries annually, including 40 heart attacks, taking away only the artificial hearts of the Czech Republic. The largest of Europe in the Czech Republic is the largest and largest of Europe in the Czech Republic. IKM EM has also played in a diabetic or experimental medicine.

"I have been developing new medical practices and methods for seven years in IKE, and I grew up in IKE development and, like the development of medicine, came into its capacity," Herman said in a press release. . The hospital has created a new trial of medicinal pavilions and plans to construct two other tent boats and 56 beds. The state has 750 million titles in 2020.

Hector received a Bachelor of Medicine degree from Charles University in Crawl and Hermann International Medical / Cardiology Certificate. He continued in the Faculty Hospital in Hardy Crawl and at the Paradis Regional Hospital. There he built a new cardiac center. He was a board member of the Czech Chamber of Medicine, member of the medical medical society Jana Evangelista Purkyně Cardiology Society.

He acknowledged that health minister Adam Woytek (ANO) accepted Herman's resignation. "Thank you very much, I'm very thankful," "I am grateful to be leading a leading job like IKEM, which will continue to develop quality management and financially sustainable management," he said.




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