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Site loss due to robots? The answer never ends – CT24 – Czech Television

Check Economy Order and sales are ironic, but people do not see. During the record low unemployment rate and economic progress, companies are turning robot to man.

Robots and artificial intelligence are a clear trend in the world. According to economist Cascak, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are among the worst category of robotics and artificial intelligence in thirty-six OECD countries.

"The proportion of industrial production is still high in the 21st century and the digital era, but it's not free," said Kasika.

"We are a low-cost low-cost economy, and in Japan and Germany, there is no pressure to replace robots and artificial intellectuals, which change, and the cost of technology is going on," he said. So, check companies are investing in new technologies. This will be replaced by the welfare expenditure and replacing poor capital with the people.

But now it will create a job loss for occupation positions. "Do not worry, I will not do the job for a total of tealilavasarannalekkuricceartt people, but it is possible that in some places apratyaksamakanulla. Nastappetunnavarkkavilla their places to new opportunities illatakunnavarkk. There are job losses in some sectors of the new opportunities," the European Trade Union Institute (itiyu'ai) Ana Jan drukupuppil warned occur.

The Czech Republic has more activities than Westerners. Over the last twenty years, such activities as cosmetic work, such as computer with manual band work and incidence, declines in the western countries. Their coins were stagnant in the 1990s, and they grew over the years, "he said, adding that the most common threat is a threat but it will bring new opportunities.

Robots will bring more jobs. But that's it

"Looking at countries like Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Germany, we have the most economic growth, artificial intelligence, lowest unemployment economy." Pavel Kasesaka, an economist, said. "In the 1920s, Batta said," I've been searching thousands of people in the labor market instead of hundreds of people in the labor market and I'm not able to find them, "said the most famous Czech entrepreneur for hundreds of people.

Trade unions Joseph Straudala warns that thousands of jobs will be damaged in the Czech Republic. However, MEP Marina Dabbage becomes an opportunity to be a threat to industry. In her opinion it is necessary to remove the ground from the ground- from education. "I would like to be like the trade unions, not to scare them out of the laborers and try to tell people how to learn all their lives, we can achieve new skill and knowledge," she said.

The best students in schools are to study

Drocopolis agrees throughout the education system. "Trade unions have been pointing out that there is a risk that we can not see through the big booth, as we examine who lifelong study in companies is, these figures are average compared to the rest of the country, and we are the last of the OECD countries on the basis of expenditures for life. Investment in training is very small, "he said.

"Joseph Straudala is absolutely right, I believe that it is dangerous to know which trade unions they have, the solution of the 21st century education system … The way we treat our education in our future – the future of the Czech republic is behaving very badly in the future" tell Well, it is not possible to carry out life-learning studies.

"We are still waiting for Alpha and Omega – to bring the best and the best possible teachers to teach them and teach our children." Teachers will be given a lot of money to increase salaries. "The solution for education is a lot of money, and in my view the teacher's salaries are doubling, so the salaries of the teachers are above the salary of the college, like Singapore or Nordic countries."

"Tens of thousands of people handle state bureaucracy"

Even in the efficient state of affairs there is a weakness. "The state budget is enough and the problem is spending our wages in wastage of unnecessary expenses, which we have now dismissed tens of thousands of workers into state bureaucracy, with the fact that we will end in the European Union in the government of the state and autonomous republic, The lowest people in Tunnel are to stay away and those who are paid to stay there, the worst of Romania's European Union, "Kasselka said.

According to Dlabay, a state government building must create an open environment for new facilities and startups to attract exciting and new innovations.

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