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StarDance: Paso Dobo eliminated Adam Mišík


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The first competition was performed by Jiří Dvořák and Lenka Nora Návorková. Their junior rating was judged very positive and made little mistakes. "George, you are the aristocratic greatness for me. I was persuaded when it was outdated and you did not know anything about it, "said Radek Balas. Zdeněk Chlopčík waited more for his words this time.

Adam Mišík and Kateřina Krakowková, who danced at the Paso Doble, was a Spanish-born dance, a stylized struggle for a bull in the arena and the other. The jury considered the performance somewhat embarrassing. "The Paso Doble is about eye contact, your partner only reads the movement of your face, you did not look at yourself at all," Chlopčík Mišík said.

The second slim box of the day of the competition was performed by a partner Michal Necpál, actress Arichteva Veronika. "The director's heart was frightened when he saw a drama and a story for a minute and a half," Radek Balaš said positively.

Richard Genzer and Jan Zelenková danced slowly. The jury appreciated the gradual transformation of Genzer. – It was like the Phoenix dance. You were a dancer, but you did the first night as a bulldozer. Technique and choreography have greatly improved, "said Renzo Balaš, the jury of geniuses.

David Svoboda and Lalová Veronika were happy with Tatiana Drexler. "David, I really like the fact that you really had a quick foot in the Paso Doble and you did a lot of good techniques. You came into the story, I'm excited," Drexler said.

Pavla Tomicová and Marek Dědík slammed slowly. "I looked at Paul, in fact, besides the actor's side text, that your performances are so impressive, I think this is incredibly positive energy, something that I saw last time when it was a Dalai Lama – entertained the audience with Balaish.

StarDance (2018)

Dalibor Gondik and Alice Stodulkova from critics gathered a paso doble from a jury. "The Paso Doble I feel is to have two bars in the dark somewhere around the tanks.

The moderator Daniela Písařovicová and Michal Mladek's dancer partner slowly finished the third contestant. "The mood was wonderful, but it was gentle, but he chose Michale, which was extremely difficult." "You're not so excited to watch the balloon, it was a hard nuts." I wonder what he did, Danielo, "Chlopčík said.

The audience decided that the next few StarDance races would not move Adam Mišík and Kateřina Krakowková's dancing.

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