Tuesday , February 7 2023

Suarez has failed and therefore Uruguay ends up excitingly


Uruguayan footballers are ending in the Copa América tournament. In the quarterfinals, they lost 4: 5 after completing nine minutes without Peru's goal. The only player in the ten executives of the penalty kick, Barcelona's Luis Suarez, who was the first player in all the players, did not succeed. In the semi-finals, Peru is won by the Chilean Champion, the second pair is home to Brazil and Argentina.

Iraldo Perez, ČTK / AP

In the favor of the fifteen-time winners of the South American Championship, Uruguay is making goals from the start, but Cave has failed twice after the opening of Suarez. PSG attackers sent the first bounce ball over the open goal crossbar, and then its goalkeeper Galise defeated his solo. Meanwhile, D. Arasat's goal was not due to the passing of Nandes.

After the change of sides, Peruvian goals were overpowered by Gondin and Uruguay, which made Cave and Suarez for offside video. On the other hand, Peru's players did not make goalkeeper Mushfiar for a full 90 minutes, all their missiles were closed.

Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez (left) in a duel with Peru's Luis Edwinculla.

Ricardo Mazlan, ČTK / AP

Penalty shootout started with Suarez's failure, Barcelona striker hit only the goalkeeper Then the two goals tried vain, nine other shooters do not hesitate and the unexpected Peru process Flores seal.

So the Argentine Venezuelan 2: 0 was able to score in the Copi América quarterfinals. In addition, both of the remaining matches ended without goals and earned Chilean and domestic Brazilian penalty shootout.

Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez was the only one in the penalty shootout.

Natasha Pisarenko, ČTK / AP

Copa América in Brazil, South American Football Championship:
Uruguay – Peru 0: 0, Pen. 4: 5
They changed the penalty: Cave, Stuni, Bantancur, Torreira – Guerrero, Ruidias, Yatun, Edwinculla, Flores. He did not change the penalty: Suarez.

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