Sunday , August 7 2022

Subaru One XRXx introduced another big version of S & P SII. Yes, we have the luck here


Subaru-Wux-STI-Diamond-edition (2)

We think this is not fair. Like a monster, our market excludes all the incredible editions Subaru WRX STIThat makes our roads so nice. However, the European Union countries no longer have STIs … Subru is selling well in other markets, both domestic, Japanese, US and elsewhere. Maybe in South Africa.

This special limited edition of the Subara WRX STI Diamond Edition is based on South Africa. It is the fastest and most powerful STI series in the world. Unfortunately, if you decide to take him to Europe, you are lucky. This specialty is produced only in 30 pieces and all are now their owners.

Not very interested in it. The Diamond Edition features a torbocharged 2.5 liter or cylinder engine. The factory has 354 horsepower and has 464 Nm of peak torque. The new control unit and the newexage system are new. The maximum speed is limited to 255 km / h, but it is 100 km / ht. Diamond Edition accelerates in about 5 seconds.

Additionally, Bermo added six and six Piston brakes to the previous Accel factory. All wheel driers, gauge, and many fun stuff added. It's fun for aerodynamics and has its aesthetic qualities. It is painted in light yellow-green and fully combines with light blue.

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