Wednesday , July 6 2022

The mass exodus of the newspaper News Newsletters is about $ 120 million


The Spanish Office of the local government, which was headed by local government from December 2010 to January 2016, was banned for two years in March this year. Yonana Ortegova, Irene Riggaova, Francesca Hammamans, and his local administration made a small ban on public office applications. When the Constitutional Court was banned, all of them were sentenced for an independent vote in 2014.

Native to buy 7,000 computers is the largest item to pay for local XMinists. However, it is true that computers were left in schools voting. Prior to November 9, 2014, the next campaign was spent.

First, the Masova government decided to make a public examination four years ago. But when the Constitutional Court banned him unconstitutional, Mass decided to declare urban discussions in Catalonia's political future, which later volunteered to be organized by volunteers. Pre-election voting before the Constitutional Court was banned. About 80 per cent of the voters said that they were free and Catalonia, and only 37 per cent of them said.

They are not in jail

Mass and members of his government did not end in prison because, unlike some of the followers in the office, the prosecution accused them of not guilty, but ignored court rulings.

Arthur Mussie's successor, Katriles Prime Minister Carles Fujimmon and his local administration made a referendum in October of last independence. It was banned by the Constitutional Court. In addition, the local government adopted a resolution calling for a declaration of independence.

For this reason, a section of the former Catalan leadership leads to a revolt and burglary. Many politicians are in custody for more than a year. Between January and February will be jailed for up to 25 years.

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