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The number of people infected with HIV in the Czech Republic is increasing, and other serious diseases are spreading.


About half a thousand people in our country have been infected with HIV. Number increases every year, only last year, doctors have detected 208 new cases. There are already 80 in the first four months of this year.

"Most of the HIV partners in men who have sex with men have sex with men," said Aales Krodel, TV head of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Sex Buudoscience Hospital, Nova.

The most infected – about 1700 – in Prague. According to statistics, diagnosis of most cases of HIV is between 25 to 29 years. During sexual intercourse or during special remedies, only enough safety can reduce the number of people infected significantly
Light House Director, Jiri Pavat, explains, "It is taken once a day, and this medicine prevents the potential transmission of HIV."

But this medicine is not covered by insurance company. Its price has dropped significantly since last 5 years. Each package is still a thousand Crown per month.

In France, Portugal or Croatia, for example, the insurance company is already paying for it and other states are considering it. Fatal virus infection initially presents itself as a normal flu.

"Then there is a phase that lasts for many years and is still there. Then, after a few years, the immune system collapses," said Cradle. AIDS broke – more than 300 people died in the Czech Republic last year. Life can be long by a special anti-viral drug, but it does not cover check insurance companies. According to Pavatt, the medicines will cost 30 to 35 thousand Crowns per month.

"If they get in time, the treatment is very simple. It can contain a single tablet once," added Cardinal.
HIV can be tested at least 2 to 3 months after being in danger. They are free. Apart from this, counseling centers are anonymous.

Some known stars live with this pathogenic disease. For example, American actor Charlie Sheen HIV was discovered in her body eight years ago. Four years later he publicly admitted the disease. Last year, 30-year-old Austrian artist Thomas Newworth, better known as the bearded singer Koncta Worst, also accepted HIV on social networks. He has been treating this disease for many years.

Other diseases spread in the Czech Republic

In addition to infection with HIV, other diseases like black cough, itching, open tuberculosis or cheeks are a problem. Most of them were considered abolished, but now they are coming back. And causes serious complications. Sometimes with malignant results.

There are many reasons for the return of almost invisible infected diseases, almost unlimited travel for all corners of the world, refuse to vaccinate, and unnecessary injections to trusted vaccines before virus and bacterial changes.

One of the diseases back is one Tuberculosis. Every year 500 people in the Czech Republic, one-third of them are foreigners, usually workers who came here to work. Experts call strictly for medical admission medical conditions.

"Overall, the system will definitely benefit from tightening and streamlining the health inspection of employees," says Giorgio Kos from the Regional Hygiene Station of Visa. But CJK 400 does not want to pay more to such an examination to the employers.

There is another recurring illness Black cough. Their domain was originally developing countries, where it spread to the world. When the nationwide vaccination was introduced in 1958, the shoulder became almost ruined. But when he was not here, people refused to vaccinate, and especially for children, a malignant infection returned to full force. There are thousands of registered infected people, but the actual number is said to be very high.

They are also coming back Acne. While the vaccination rate in Europe rose above 95%, the tragic disease almost disappeared, but the popularity of the vaccination fell again, and the acne came back. The initial cough of renitis and fever converts into a blister, which results in complications in the form of inflammation of pneumonia or brain. Last year, they claimed at least 35 people in Europe.

I like acne Jumps They can break into your life at once. There is no other drug except vaccinations. Can lead to bad courses and infertility among adults in children.

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