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The research shows the considerable influence of terror in French mind

Three years after the terrorist attacks in various parts of Paris, the first findings of this study examined French pranayama and other similar tragedies. The authors of large-scale research may cause uninterrupted observers in media media. One fourth responded that the murder was very high.

"Unprecedented" research continues, and the French National Public Health Agency sponsors. The project was "13". In November, "In Percussion, 130 people were killed in 2015, which responds to other terrorist acts.

The population on the assessment of mental and social consequences is divided into different categories. People who are more or less affected include the circle, injured or bandhs, emergency witnesses and next victims. Researchers surveyed researchers from six to 18 months after the disaster in 190 groups of the group found that 18 per cent had post traumatic stress disorder, 20 per cent more depression and anxiety.

But since November 2015, there was a significant influence among the "first circle" people. Immediately after the murders, the number of people recorded in the Paris area recorded a record. Post traumatic stress or quotations have often been diagnosed with stress. Even though it was a small amount, these waves appeared in the rest of the French region.

"People who did not appear directly in the events had post traumatic symptoms, were unaware of any kind of murder," one of the authors of the engineer Diu Rozoscotta quoted the French Television website. "The intensity and intensity of these symptoms has increased greatly and depends on the person who appears to be attacked in the media," he added.

About seven months after November 2015 AFP responded that almost all the respondents responded. They learned about the attack at the Ste de France stadium and the attacks on St. Denis and St. Denis in Paris. Three defendants said about the need to continue talking about murder, but they speak much of them, according to the remaining quarters.

Francis says that reporting on terrorist attacks often hurts people who are on a site. The scientists in France want to continue to study how much has affected the daily life. "Issues against social negligence and risks, risky people," said Dos Roccott.

The research shows the considerable influence of terror in French mind

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