Friday , June 18 2021

There were two thoughts on my head, said Shak. Finally, he chose the goal

In the last two months, the Football striker Patrick Schck checks out the team. Scotland defeated Ukraine in a one-day international against Ukraine in September. He scored a goal against Portugal against Scotland and overcame Scottycott for today's Scotland. However, he notes that the presence of Cochse Jaroslav Silva and his performance has an ascendancy.

"In the second league, we're delighted to win the front of our fans and our performances are a tall trend that is not just a competition, but we are going forward and it's in the future." After the competition for journalists Shkh.

He showed very good performances in the attack first after Michael Krmenčík was injured and he has a huge credit. In Slovakia, with a good goal, Crown won. After the passport of Jupb Jantt, he played goal goalkeeper Martin Dubrakka, who played only one goal.

"I beat myself alone, I did not know if I would get off the road, then there were two thoughts on my head, either close my eyes or I think it was technically solved," said Shak.

When the ball was lifted, he chose the lobes. "That was the first touch, that was not easy, because I was so happy that I could have played that ball and I could throw it off the first one, one of my best goals, but I did not give it to three players, that's not a bar," he added.

Although the face of the aggressor is the face of goliath, an attacker does not feel it easy, it is difficult to say when the attacker can not think. "One point is simple, but easy to know from experience, there are some ideas to solve, you should choose the best," said AS Rome.

This is the experience of the heaviest Italian league that will help you manage this situation. "I use two clubs, against which I am attacked, he attacks the attacker, if he / she is self-confident and the next opportunity will choose the right solution.

In addition, he often used his opponent to defend himself. Slovak soccer players collected yellow colors. "It made me smash, I went in a match with a horse and I won the game, but after the victory I felt the pain," Shak said with a smile.

Now he returns to Italy. Where he won the last league match. "The national team will be able to perform better at sixth out of six matches," he said. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether the club will help me. Maybe it will change. I'm glad the team has helped. What will they do in the club, you see it, "he adds.

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