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They are against blood. How are you hanging out with lavandovis? | Football


GDASK / PRAGUE A football golf is in the middle of the evening in Poland, becoming a football player led by the world's best night, Robert Laandrotsky.

You can vote more than footballers. What do you think when it comes to Laodnowski?

Obrons Philip Knockback: Triple Nile League cricket star One of the first five planets. Yes, sit down.

Tone Matt VD: Top, Top, Top. Dumb extratda.

Polish escrow

  • Gdask (T sports) can play on the right side at 18:00 on yesterday.
  • Closest decision of the Closner (vc.).

Report the probability:

  • Poland: Fabianskiy – Berezinski, Komski, Bednarak, Matania – Blaskskovsky, Grasski, Sealinski, Graskiki – Lavandowski, Pythag.
  • Eco-friendly: Pavlanka-Kadekke, Kalas, Elstaka, Nawak-Pavel, Prada-Vidra, Dockalak, Janko-Schwick.
  • See online.

Yes, that would be a ct.

Brink Tom Walk: Laodontovsky? At nine minutes, I was thinking about him.

How to shoot

In 2015, it was 8 minutes 59 seconds. In the Guinness Book of World Records, the captain of Wolfsburg, Poland, has written a record-breaking death penalty. I will never do that. That's gently, he said.

They hope that Robert Lavandowski will not be in the past few days.

Messi, Ronaldo … and Lew

Representation of Jeroslav Elhav's new train can erase his regime, not suitable for LaVendo's concert.

The question is, if the best Polish team has ever come to the competition, because you are injured a little. That's the bag of Sassvas's name in Modar in Baltsk.

Poland Portugal (sorry
There! Thanks

With such a stunning boy you can see it. In a long-term perspective, they are only Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. He is historically the largest in the representation of Lavandowski in 55 g. Paint the fifth season in the 166th Globe Plain Mesto, the Beirons Manden chronicle.

It is better to play such a game. Lavandowski Wompton. Lion's leg, right, head, kick kick, penalty slip. He is high, fast, and technical. He is cold blood, he does not want to see it, lil Vaclk.

The national team will have thirty years to oppose the Polish favorites and uphold the contract before midnight against Sloki. In Poland, suicide and interpolation are not about the point. The next fight in the Nation's League will be the last and lasting fight against that group. The European rating rating of the European Union rating is not permissible in Eden.

But we will go to the north of Poland and to the gymnasiums of the Gadmans. In effect, 40 tish watches are golden arrenas. To see the mate here and to see the mosque and the lavandowski snorkel. Climb into a blue big star or buy a kiwi.

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2015, 2016, 2017, Trophy for the best footballer in Poland, at the age of seven. Bayen lived in Dortmund. Before the summer world championship, Real Madrid decided to become Madrid. That man changed it. Jean Real Stumble.

How was the world championship?

Karit Kennel was forced to take a teaser lavandowski in Anne, a pedant in ivotosprvu. MS in Russia Dn gl was a star star he fought. I was expelled from it and never drank: I would not have a night that I could not sleep. That hurts me. That scapegoat!

Arguing that after the tournament's preeminence, the Pals could be reduced to one quarter. Last place in realty groups. It should not be surprising if the bayo Tsaiwani shot and killed the captain, LaVandowski. He guessed that he would find inspiration. He did not set up a way in the wilderness.

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