Friday , August 19 2022

This summer, there is no tunnel, not water like the sun


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A long shot from Crai is water from the sun. But now it is not possible to dream about what is the limits of Lincoln. That's why we decided to cancel the leakasca season, we will not drag the glass for winter, and we will not be pulled to Clarke's captain, Peter Krustest.

Right now we have a right to build a new cable and subordinate to a monumental hydro power plant, "he said.

While learning preparations are being studied right now, when everything is dubbed, publisher chibistak.

If only this year's water on the cross under Pustevny, only use for blue protrudes for further adjustment.

In some cases Mossi Jabulkowa's vehicle is very high.

Natst Rette ndre is available, and the sowing was practically nemon. The surrounding water sources are not big on Skirar Jaroslav Bajo's head.

And here they have no peace. The bundles from the storing ND came first, and then we have to go back and add BAICO.

Water flows in the slopes of Poland

There is abundance of water in Kempaland Bookau. But there is a lack of water.

We take the water from the nearest oel, Kempandada worker Lucy Jalovirov explains. Despite having enough water, the water level in Poland has two large lakes. We have to have a steam, it's a little more, she says.

They want to respond to water in Severka in Doln Lomn. This year we are going to finish the cable car, but for one year we are going to build a Ndre, almost vertically the stream, said Skade Radek Bowie's head.

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