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Trophy squad manager Paulosik wins six-day championship

You began eleven days. Do you remember most?

Of course, in 1978, I won the World Trophy for our Trophy team. In the team I went with Queta Matese, Fraţa Mirac, Pepa Chauenic, Jerku Studgoku, and my old partner, Standa Slalom. I remember the year before in Povážská Bystrica. I had a trophy group, but when the Emperor of Pepa came, the two sons were finally going to let me go. I called up before I reached out but I agreed. I was finally happy. When we were out in the rain using a twenty-minute lead of drivers of GDP, we worked for the white comrade we had. In the ground of their cymbals, they did not find a force of our jaws. That's why I'm giving me the first prize in World Trophy, Silver Wassi and the Dalu Plahha Club Competitiveness. In 1985, I was not in class 6, but I like to graduate.

You've been looking for the princes of Pragar for years. The world at Enduro was not easy to reach between European championships.

It was not. At that time Legiony Manager Frantisek Mosen was a motor expert, and my call order had been lost somewhere … so I went to the red star. Eventually, I found somewhere on the bottom of the curly Monsna Drocker, and gave me as an athlete with Red Star …

In Dukla, Prague is located in Naslé, Prague, you have seen many famous actors including Mask, Stödzkakka, Mirahek Josef Foogic, Sudenque Seussipiv and Peter Komes. What do they call their daughters?

No! At the same time we arrived in the stadoh sloehlom. I looked at these friends with great respect. I was in them. A quick heavenly door opened to me … fantasy! And they were wonders and men. We taught young people all the things they taught, and we were the same. Duty usually does not have a red star in snow or snowy winter. I do not know that. I will never forget the tragedy of Kawakak, but they taught me.

What did you get from them?

With them, or try to beat them or elevate man. Even when we were struggling with each other, there was no change in the great dealings in Dakala, the highest goals – pattas and medals. I took a lot of training from the training system. 100% professionalism is associated with these sports. I still serve as a manager in that. These skills are often lost by young people, they are the riders' masters.

You met with the famous manager, Okacar Chackin. Italians think that Peelol Bintto, a big politician, or a small brewer, is a big politician. Do you have any qualities in the Trophy Team Manager?

Chak Amarthyan, the best tactician, had a big sense for the race. He realized that some Italians lost, and he looked out. He found it in the granary and replaced the invariant sections. He waited till he reached the limit. Italian is complete. That is why they held out that they were important and called him a shirt. He supported them with a clear argument. He was a great politician. He taught me a lot, he said, Mozna. One big respect, I learned a lot, I used to be a manager and as a businessman. A lot of things have changed, but when you get the most energy you get back, you will come back to back or forth, but you can not steal anything.

Before spending the motorcycle division in Ducla in the 1990s, you spent some time as president motorcycle Escort with Wucklav Havel, do you remember it?

With so much joy, they bought new powerful BMW engines for this purpose, but they had no trained riders. They asked us. We have learned to paint and defend ourselves, and certainly learn the customs. When the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher came to Prague in 1990, we left the airport to Cameroon. Within two hours she had to fly to Bratislava. We traveled the highway to get it. We traveled more than an hour and an hour, and motorbikes took hundreds of kilometers per hour, but we brought it from the Bratislava airport to Bratislava Koil. Later, the fort trained its planning.

You won the rally …

When I finished motorcycle training and maintenance, I went to the subsidiary workshop. There was the best Czech pilot Vladimir Hubb of the Czech Republic, and factory support from France. I looked and helped. His mechanic, a former rider saas clicked me all. When I finished my motorcycle, I traveled with an experienced co-driver Jaraka Jaanechek. I've tried different types of Renault from R5 through Megan via Cleo.

Do you value most as a rally driver?

Republican champions we have beaten the defense factory team. I'm very grateful to Buraus's fourth place. That is the second place in both bikes and two liter classes.

What would you do if you were riding a motorcycle handball?

We are in a family car show at Uhlirske Janovice, where we sell and serve there, so I have a connection with this brand. I was not behind the racing car cycle. The rally has changed and I have not tried a whole blood quad. There was no time.

I'm going back to motorcycles. Dakla was finally a palace, and then partition was canceled but gradually renewed. What do you mean

Rarely. ASC Dukla Director Jaroslav Prasket strives to assist in sports, but he really wants to be very much. Medals should support the world and the European Championships. A few years ago we started with Patrick Markotto, when we got Jerome Romance and Christoph Coulb, now the European Champion Jardica Hedke Ducca. The whole trophy team also ducks like the old era. It's very important that we support Duckle. I'm a mysterious dream.

Are you still in a motorcycle?

As a manager I do not support it, you have to take a track on boys. I drive more than they do in six days and in European championships.

But you …

This spring I went with Jarka Cesare, Emil Chendalik and Jorge Studiula. In the mountains around Berga, for 30 years I do not see Entretti in Italy. In 1982 motorcycles were in the forefront, so we all went to the old skirts. My javascript which I was in love was 350, 1977. When they canceled this class they made me the Deutschland 560. I did not like the 140 kilogram weight. In Italy, we went snowfall and told us that we had arranged somehow, we would enjoy the competition. We are in Italy, America, Australia and the former GDR. In the same way, the rights of the antagonists (laughs). Even the Italians, helmets, and the text of the CSR will be given.

How did it happen

Various systems are counted on the rules of the competition, such as the rider and the bike age. Stodulka is seventy years old, me and Emm forty-six, Jirka Císař, a year less. When they have added, we succeeded. We brought a large bowl and bracelets. Okay!

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