Sunday , August 1 2021

Ukrainian bank inspires customers to move For 10 thousand steps per day, it offers more interest rates – News. Cz

Monobank is a digital bank that provides services through mobile applications. The new facility works by pulling a smartphone into a smartphone that inspects its physical activity.

The bank downloads data every day, and those who spend 10,000 pays, they pay 21 percent of their savings. Which fails to meet the target for three consecutive days, decreases every 11 percent. Over 1,500 clients have been able to achieve more than a year's business, with a special rate of approximately 1,500 clients.

"If our Sports Deposit accounts inspire people to do more, our account holders are also good for Monobank," the company's news comment.

The fraud will take at least the bank

In cardiovascular disease, Ukraine is the second-largest number of people in the world, with about 396 people of 100,000 population. According to forecasts, 50 percent of men in 2030 will be obese.

In the early days, resources displayed in the market to enable clients to do physical activity without doing this. There are 10,000 steps before some human capabilities are in place. The bank has reduced the interest rate to a minimum.

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