Sunday , March 7 2021

A wife for divorce in Sharkhi: He married a drug merchant and sentenced to life imprisonment

A housekeeper filed a petition in the middle of the faculty of Fakhos in Sharkaya province. Her husband sentenced drug trafficker and life imprisonment to life imprisonment in the Borg el Arab prison.

His wife HRA, who lives in Vakos Center, has been married to Waqo's family in the year 1581 and has been married to M in the middle of the village in the divorce case. God gave the child "T". Drug tried to expel him to spend in the Halal Hall. But he went through drug trails. The police arrested him and sentenced him to life imprisonment. She did not pay to spend a small amount of money from her husband's family, with little "rma" against her grandfather, The 2018 family was brought to the number 1725 by the name of Fakus.

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