Monday , June 5 2023

Anniversary of the departure of "Ali Pasha Mubarak" .. Cairo's


A seminar on Greater Cairo Library on contributions made to Pasha Mubarak On his 125th anniversaryDr Alum Al-Dhool, professor of Al Qaeda University, Dr. Ahmad Darwish, Cairo University's Factory of Engineering, Dr. Mohammed Raza, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Urban Design Professor Dr. Dr. Amritsa Consulting, Ian Shams University and Omran Affairs Consultant. The seminar was conducted by the Director of the Library Yaser Usman, Hisham Fati.

Ali Pasha discussed the development of Mubarak and the efforts of Ali Pasha, the Arabic edition of the book "Egypt's Interpretation," especially in Cairo, in particular in Cairo.

At the end of the seminar, Ali Pasha Mubarak Park to Cairo's Dar Al-Alum Park Cairo had to change the name of Ali Pasha Mubarak in Cairo's main streets or squares.

The fourth generation of Ali Baba Mubarak's grandchildren and a number of intellectuals and members of the Arabic Language Academy of Cairo attended a seminar, including Ali Pasha Mubarak's family, Shelifa Rahmi, Zainab Mubarak, Mah Mehran and Imad El-Din Mustafa Khalid.

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