Wednesday , August 4 2021

"Burning" the fourth in the game "crazy"

Egypt won the Green Zone 4-1 at the Green Zone in the 16th round of the Premier League in the match on Saturday, in the Greenman Ahmed Othman Stadium.

Owaada Marshall of Nigeria for the first time scoring for the first time with a powerful shot from the penalty area for the first time in the 26th minute. Ghana's John O & # 39; s Neil was a good deal with Eric Trave in the 33rd minute. Talat Youssef defeated powerful header in the 37th minute, but Marshal came back and was successful in joining the header for Enbe after Mohammed Basiyouin's stunning cross during the first innings, which ended with the realization of positive draw with two goals for each team.

In the second half, he came back again and was able to score his third goal in the 50th minute, in which Enbee midfielder Hameedi succeeded in a neat header to join the Fatty Oil team.

In the 62nd minute, defender Eric Trarera, was blocked in the penalty area by Aubby defender Ibrahim Yahya.

After the fourth goal, the Enpie tried to return, but right-wing Ahmed Adel Abdel-Monam Marshall stopped this from doing so in the 80th minute, and finished the meeting with an Egyptian 4-1 victory over Egypt.

By this victory, Egypt lifted the 26-point balance for jumping on the table's table, while the rest of the Ebini closed 14 points at 14th position.

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