Friday , February 26 2021

Captain of Pharmacist who recovered the body of the pharmacist from Saudi Arabia, met with his company representative

President of pharmaceuticals in Egypt Mohellein Obedin Al Ahdi Co. CEO Dr. Mustafa Al Wakil, Deputy Pharmacist Syndicate, Dr. Muhammad al-Saqibi, Thakfun Fund secretary, murdered seven migrant laborers in Saudi Arabia. Ahmad Tahawe decided to collaborate on all issues.

Dr. The meeting also discussed all issues related to the return of Ahmad Taha and Mukesh's team. The meeting discussed the family of martyrs for all financial liabilities, resolving their problems and resolving them.

Al Nahdidi's CEO Dr Suresh Babu, who was allegedly killed by a pharmacist in Ahmedabad, who works in a pharmacy in Saudi Arabia, Yasser Al Jawari has been promised. The company will also cover all the responsibilities of the pharmacist family. Do not give one on the right side of martyrdom, especially preventing his work, General Pharmacists' President, President of Pharmacy Union of Pharma He praised the efforts of Mohidane and Obaid.

Saudi Arabia's Director of the Southern Region and Director of the Southern Region of Saudi Arabia, he visited the martyrs' family and informed the team of advocacy groups following the case. They carried out the responsibility of mourning and contacted Egypt's pharmacists' captain. The company is paying great attention to this incident. Possibilities.

Ceyyappettatayum the company discussed many issues, but again, repeating this incident, he confirmed that the Egyptian pharmasisrrukalkk for the company and how to fix them to the insurance offered on how to organize a meeting of all the pharmasisrrukalumayi after the crisis, to join and implement all of the suggestions their He was on offer. Company.

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