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Care and Health – Food and drugs can cause serious side effects


Consumption of many drugs, taking into account various conditions, leads to different conditions, but also contributes to the effects of drugs, and an expert at Kingston University in England warns that drugs can interact with each other. Some people consume food, drinks and common herbal diseases.

In an essay in the "Dialogue" newspaper, the malnourished Phillip Creek reveals that it produces serious side effects for certain groups, drugs and food.

Food and drugs can produce serious side effects

1 – Stats, Grapefruit juice

Stastin's response to the Grapefruit juice is one of the main responses to stimulating the risk of heart attacks and stroke. Stastinis are important for the control of cholesterol, but it is not safe to interact with certain foods. Those who suffer from high cholesterol often change their lifestyle, increasing the fruits and vegetables in the diet and encouraging them to help reduce the melting of the drugs that reduce blood cholesterol. Well, the presence of blood increases its presence, which leads more side effects.

Drugs that lower cholesterol are known side effects and liver damage.

Food and drugs can produce serious side effects

2- Watermelon and leafy

Typically, the UK has been suggested to use a drug used in eating or taking drugs. Removing it from vegetables like vitamin K, green leafy green tea and green tea can help reduce the wasters. That is, those who eat it can have serious consequences. This includes the increase in stroke or deep blood vessels.

Antidepressants and euprofen

Antidepressants, such as reticacta inhibitors (SEIIIs) such as stylobram, anti-inflammatory pencils such as eBuprofen, will increase the risk of internal bleeding. Blood breaks down when stomach, stomach problems, tiredness, dizziness, fatigue, and headache.

These side effects can be avoided by taking a medicine that protects stomach pain, such as lonazepasase. The main thing is that some medications that protect the stomach will interact with antidepressants. It is therefore necessary to choose wisely.

4 – Metronidas and alcohol

Merrreanidaseal commonly prescribed antibiotic, intake of alcohol, but mainly metrinideseal pradhanaman.merrreanidasealineappam with the advice of your pharmacist prerippikkunnu.i you to stay away from alcohol or take drugs, serious nausea, vomiting, intake of alcohol, but avoid taking metreanadaseal , Will have to wait at least two days after the session.

5. St. John's Plant, Generation Control Pills

St John's Plant is a normal herbal resistance that reflects the symptoms of plant cures. It is a herbal remedy. It is an example of st Johns or St. John's, which increases the body's enzymes in the body. The body is normal for fast, meaning it will not be effective, and St. John's may influence this effect, but the pill is a special medicine.

The intervention was very strict. UK medical products and health product regulatory agencies indicate that use of St. John's contracts should be avoided.

Calcium supplements and other medicines

When we are old enough, our bones become weaker. Many people take up calcium supplements and vitamin D. These products help strengthen the bones and prevent injury. It is important to understand how the body absorbs other medicines.

Malaria drugs are the drugs used to prevent some antibiotics and treat the thyroid. The drugs can be used between two to six hours of calcium intake and other drugs between calcium and drugs. Otherwise, it is very important if you do not discard any of them unless you accept medications mentioned in this doctor unless you contact a doctor.

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